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Ready-To-Use Indicators

LIMITmarker® Heat Indicators

Zebra’s LIMITmarker® heat indicator, manufactured by Temptime®, is a single-use indicator that can be applied directly to heat-sensitive products.

Simplify Monitoring of Heat-Sensitive Products

LIMITmarker provides an easy-to-read, irreversible visual signal within the specified response time that heat exposure at or above the response temperature has occurred. It is adhesive-backed and can be applied directly to product surfaces or packaging. The indicating “window” on the label changes color when the response temperature has been exceeded.

Provide Assurance to Your Customers

Zebra’s LIMITmarker indicators give customers critical information about their heat-sensitive products. Meet your customer's needs and increase their satisfaction by providing them with easy-to-understand and clearly visible indications of heat exposure.

Quickly Identify Time-Temperature Endpoints

Quickly identify time-temperature endpoints with clear visual indications. LIMITmarker F indicators change color from white to pink or red within the specified response time to indicate it has reached endpoint. When LIMITmarker I indicators reach their endpoints, their center circle will match or will be darker than the outer circle.

Response Times to Match Your Product's Profile

Response times are critical for ensuring your product has not been exposed to excessive temperatures. Select the right response time for your product. LIMITmarker F is a delayed response indicator with a response time between 15 minutes and 2 hours, while LIMITmarker I is a quick response indicator with a response time within seconds to 15 minutes.

Delayed Indication of up to 2 hours

LIMITmarker F

LIMITmarker F is a delayed-indication threshold heat indicator that monitors temperature. The indicator will reach its endpoint within 2 hours when exposed to temperatures above or beyond the threshold temperature.

Quick Response High Heat Indicators

LIMITmarker I

LIMITmarker I-K, I-C and I-P are quick high heat threshold indicators that monitor temperature. The indicator will reach its endpoint within 15 minutes when exposed to temperature above and beyond the threshold temperature.

Shipment Heat Indicator Cards

TransTracker With LIMITmarker

TransTracker with LIMITmarker heat indicators are single-use devices that can be placed in shipment packaging to monitor heat exposures during shipping. They can be customized with branding and messaging from the shipper or supplier.

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