Industrial Machine Vision and Fixed Scanners

Matrox Imaging

Our acquisition of Matrox Imaging adds advanced hardware products and interoperable software capabilities, broadening our machine vision portfolio to solve highly complex challenges for our customers.

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Reduce Costs, Accelerate Production and Improve Quality

With the ever-increasing needs of the on-demand economy, you’re under intense pressure to deliver quality products to market faster, while coping with severe supply chain issues and skilled worker shortages. See how our expanded, integrated hardware and software provides the tools and technologies to reduce costs and accomplish more.


Matrox Imaging Library

Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) X is a machine-vision software development kit (SDK) offering an extensive collection of tools for developing and refining vision applications. MIL X’s robust toolkit helps address the severe time constraints encountered in demanding vision applications.

Design Assistant

Design Assistant X is an integrated development environment (IDE) for Microsoft Windows. Users build machine vision applications by constructing a flowchart instead of writing traditional program code. Includes project templates to help new developers get up and running quickly.

Iris GTX

Iris GTX smart cameras feature high resolution sensors and substantial processing power in a compact all-in-one vision system. These model edge IoT devices are capable of handling traditional machine vision workloads as well as deep learning inference.


AltiZ high-fidelity, high-speed 3D profile sensors feature a dual-camera single-laser design that minimizes scanning gaps at critical surface junctures. Get 3D vision applications up and running quickly on your AltiZ by pairing with either Matrox Imaging or third-party vision software.

4Sight EV7

4Sight EV7 industrial computers are built for demanding multi-camera machine vision applications. An embedded processor includes acceleration for deep learning inference or prediction.

4Sight XV6

4Sight XV6 vision controllers are ruggedized computers with desktop-level performance and substantial expansion capabilities designed for demanding imaging workloads.


Supersight high-density industrial computing platforms accommodate up to four computers in a standard 4U enclosure. System performance is scalable across computing clusters to facilitate challenging machine vision applications.


GevIQ smart network interface cards (NICs) are the first in the industry to deliver generic GigE Vision acquisition offload at speeds up to 25 Gigabits/s per port. These add-in boards provide a more versatile and widely compatible alternative to custom-built or proprietary solutions based on 10+ GbE.

Rapixo CXP

Rapixo CXP frame grabbers support version 2.0 of the CoaXPress interface standard for machine vision applications. They support cameras with highest resolutions and frame rates, with certain models doing image-processing offload using an FPGA development kit.

Rapixo CL Pro

Rapixo CL Pro frame grabbers offer the most comprehensive features currently available in the industry. These multi-input high-performance boards support the Camera Link 2.1 standard and include FPGA-based image processing offload.

Concord PoE

Concord PoE Gigabit Ethernet adaptors interface to one or more GigE Vision cameras supporting Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). Certain models offer hardware-assisted trigger-over-Ethernet (ToE) capability for multiple cameras working together.

Radient eV-CL

Radient eV-CL is a series of Camera Link frame grabbers ideal for multi-camera setups, offering reliable high-rate image acquisition and support for extended cable lengths.

Clarity UHD

Clarity UHD multi-format multi-input capture cards support the full range of video formats from standard definition (SD) to high definition (HD) all the way to ultra-high definition (UHD). 


Indio provides the industrial I/O and communication capabilities to turn any PC running Matrox Imaging vision software into a genuine vision controller ideal for industrial vision applications.