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IO Cards

Indio I/O Card



Industrial I/O and Communication Card
Indio cards provide industrial I/O and communication capabilities that allow users to turn any PC running Aurora Imaging Library or Aurora Design Assistant vision software into a genuine vision controller. The I/O card features 16 discrete digital I/Os for real-time synchronization with automation devices. Indio also provides Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for interfacing with PLCs, automation controllers, and GigE Vision cameras equipped for Power-over-Ethernet (PoE).

Benefits of the Indio

Turn PCs Into Vision Controllers

Indio delivers I/O and communication capabilities to turn any PC running Aurora Imaging Library or Aurora Design Assistant software into a vision controller. Its GbE connectivity allows for interfacing with a PLC or GigE Vision cameras via PoE.

Range of Industrial I/Os

Indio I/O cards have eight discrete inputs and eight discrete outputs that support both factory-floor and lab use. Optical isolation and resettable fuses help protect the I/Os against unintended use.

Synchronize in Real-Time

A dedicated hardware-assisted mechanism on the Indio card allows for real-time I/O management and synchronization of a vision application with automation devices.

Additional Software Features

Aurora Imaging Library

Aurora Imaging Library, formerly Matrox Imaging Library, machine-vision software development kit (SDK) has a deep collection of tools for image capture, processing, analysis, annotation, display, and archiving. Code-level customization starts here.

Aurora Design Assistant

Aurora Design Assistant, formerly Matrox Design Assistant, integrated development environment (IDE) is a flowchart-based platform for building applications, with templates to speed up development and bring vision applications online quicker.


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