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Laser & Thermal Printable Wristband Portfolio

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The WhereNet real-time locating system (RTLS) provides the longest range RTLS capabilities and performance in all environment including complex and hazardous environments. WhereNet's long tag-to-sensor range allows you to have real-time visibility and status information on your assets with a cost-effective RTLS network infrastructure.



WhereTag products offer active RFID capabilities for indoor and outdoor applications.


WhereLAN sensors provide precise asset visibility in both indoor and outdoor spaces, a great RTLS system.


WhereCall messaging tags increase the accuracy of material flow and materials replenishment for RTLS.


WhereWand is a great RTLS configuration tool with a built in barcode scanner and quickly permits fast entry of tag IDs.


WherePort proximity communication exciter products help you track your assets, this RTLS solutions triggers asset tags.