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Dutch Manufacturer Is Driving Efficiency With Total Zebra Technologies Warehouse Solution

Wavin, founded in 1955, is a B2B Dutch manufacturer of plastic pipes, predominantly for drainage and water supply purposes. Wavin delivers innovative solutions for construction and infrastructure worldwide, providing plastic pipe systems and products for tap water, surface heating and cooling, soil and waste, rain water, distribution of drinking water, and gas and telecom applications; its aim is to deliver safe and efficient water supplies, better sanitation and hygiene, climate-proof cities and better construction performance. Wavin is part of Orbia, a community of companies with a common goal: “To advance life around the world.” Wavin has over 11,500 employees in more than 40 countries.

Wavin Netherlands


Wavin wanted the latest in 2D cordless Android scanning technology designed for the warehouse environment to increase efficiency and complement its current range of Zebra hardware; Wavin was looking for ruggedized, reliable devices, with excellent connectivity and a keyboard, as well as a full-screen, graphical touch-screen interface.

Benefits / Outcomes

  • The best-in-class Zebra scanning technology delivers a much faster, easier capture of 1D and 2D barcodes and of barcodes in virtually any condition
  • Users love the ergonomically designed MC9300s and VC8300s, with their large screens; the MC9300 is also perfectly weighted, with a front-facing camera for ease of scanning
  • The ruggedised look and feel of the Zebra devices, designed for the warehouse environment, has ensured excellent user take-up and feedback
  • Using Zebra LifeGuard, StageNow and SOTI MobiControl, Wavin’s IT team can centrally deploy, manage, update and secure the devices, as well as locking down the home screen so users can only access the Velocity application or an application to pair their computers to other hardware, such as the Zebra mobile printers and Bluetooth ring scanners
  • The devices offer excellent all-shift battery life and superior Wi-Fi connectivity, throughout the extensive warehousing facility, both indoors and out

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