Securing Pinter data and devices
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Best Practices for Securing Enterprise Data and Devices

With security breaches so prevalent today and cyber attacks occurring on a wider variety of devices, enterprises are more vulnerable than ever. This puts them in a  vexing situation. As demand for convenient access to data, devices and systems rows, so too does security risk. Fortunately, enterprises can apply best practices to strike a balance between essential enterprise security and workforce productivity.

Best Practices for Securing Enterprise Data and Devices


When businesses think of devices that require protection and enhanced security, they usually think of smartphones, laptops, tablets, PCs and IoT devices. They seldom include thermal barcode printers,  despite the fact that they are often connected to an IT network and are, undoubtedly, indispensable to  the everyday operation of many industries. All enterprise devices, and the data they convey, need to be  sent out into the world bound to a well thought out set of enterprise data and device best practices. 


  • With connected devices, it is common to use a remote device management system. This can take the form of an application that can connect to and alter settings on one or more devices, or the form of embedded web pages that can control settings. 
  • Even simple and single changes to settings can greatly impact production processes—up and down stream.
  •  Remote management systems can considerably improve IT productivity, but they should be carefully controlled in terms of access and permissions. 
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