Field Dispatch and Routing

Worker sitting in a truck and working on a tablet.

Accelerate Dispatch and Routing

In-field operations depend upon the speed and accuracy of dispatch and routing to appropriately prioritize work being requested. Servicing customer requests, directing workers with GPS and real-time traffic data, providing technicians with the necessary data onsite to complete their task, and recording events as they happen - this coordination can be very complex. And as jobs are completed, the billing and accounting department can rely on correct information as soon as it's recorded and complete their invoicing.

Zebra’s rugged mobile computing solutions provide the dispatch and routing tools needed to accelerate in-field operations, especially for the challenging geographies faced by water and power field workers, oil and gas pipeline maintenance crews and mining operators.

Optimize In-Motion Operations

Zebra’s mobile devices can minimize the lost time that often occurs between work operations. From incoming request to dispatcher assessment and routing, field worker execution to billing, our mobile technology solutions are designed to optimize in-motion operations in the field to smoothly connect workflows and give technicians the tools and data they need to complete work orders quickly.

Create Smarter Environments at the Edge

Zebra enables utility companies to create smarter environments at the network edge by more accurately reflecting real-time reality than traditional systems of record. Our tablets and mobile computers can improve dispatch and routing efficiencies with immediate visibility into work orders integrated within the context of network-wide operations.

Utilize Real-Time Guidance

Zebra mobility solutions link office and in-field teams, inventory assets and operational systems to deliver best-action guidance for network-critical decisions. Using our built-in intelligence, dispatch and routing operations can be coordinated faster and more easily for better in-field results.

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