Maintenance and Repair Scheduling and Completion

Worker working on a tablet in front of an electrical utility box.

Keep Operations Running at Optimum Speed

Effective planning and scheduling of maintenance and repairs in water treatment plants, electrical substations and oil refineries can make the difference between smooth running or inefficient, disrupted operations. Planning and scheduling are difficult tasks that need technology solutions to better handle its complexities and facilitate greater ease-of-use for maintenance and repair staff.

Zebra’s rugged mobile computing solutions employ a purpose-built design to enable staff to plan, schedule and complete maintenance and repairs in any environment, and keep today’s fast-moving industries operating at optimum speed and accuracy.

Track and Manage Asset Statuses

Zebra’s ecosystem of mobility solutions—including tablets and mobile computers, RFID solutions, Mobility DNA and more—make it easy to identify and track asset status for maintenance and repair needs, allowing assets and workers to perform at their best shift after shift.

Link Teams, Assets and Systems through Mobile Technologies

Our rugged mobile device capabilities link teams, assets and systems both on- and offsite to give staff the ability to get a comprehensive view of all staff, project needs, asset requirements and any critical data necessary for planning and scheduling.

Leverage Predictive Analytics and Real-Time Guidance

Zebra devices allow enterprises to create data-powered environments, optimizing scheduling and planning. Leverage our predictive analytics and real-time guidance to strategically plan maintenance and repairs, schedule workloads, allocations, production processes and purchases.

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Software and Applications

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Zebra services help you through each phase of your technology's lifecycle, so you can plan your field service solution to fit your organization's current and future needs.


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