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Military and Department of Defense (DoD) Technology

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Gain a Clearer Picture of Assets, Personnel and Equipment for Faster, More Efficient and Secure Operations

Federal military agencies and the Department of Defense often operate on-the-move and in constantly changing conditions. Zebra’s military tracking systems use RFID and barcode technologies to help you understand exactly where your assets are, and the condition they are in. Our “Connected Warrior” capability combines mobility with GPS integration, enabling real-time data collection and analysis of troop movements, welfare, operating environments and more. From the PX to the depot – MRO operations to the battlefield, Zebra advanced technology gives you secure, accurate real-time visibility into every aspect of your military operations.

Military and Department of Defense Solutions

Government Asset Management

See and manage your total asset inventory.

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Identity Management for Government

Enhance security with fast and accurate identity management.

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Military Supply Chain & Logistics

Manage your military supply chain for smooth, secure operations around the clock.

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Military Commissary & Exchange Service Inventory Management

Manage military commissary and exchange services inventories accurately and easily.

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Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

Track assets, components, and work progress over the life of your MRO project.

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The Latest in Government Technology

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The Broadest Portfolio of DoD STIG Validated Devices

Zebra's Andriod products have received STIG validation from the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and are now listed on the Department of Defense Information Network’s (DoDIN) Approved Products List.

Warehouse employee scanning inventory

Modernizing Government Warehouses with Android Devices

See why government warehouse operators are replacing outdated inventory management processes with Zebra enterprise-grade Android devices.

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Why Cybersecurity is Fundamental for Government Agencies

Find out what best practices are essential to securing your technology and maintaining optimal productivity.

Learn How Zebra Technologies Supports Military Readiness and Operational Success