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Zebra Prescriptive Analytics™

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Understand and Act On Your Data

Increase sales and margins, optimize inventory, reduce expenses and more. The latest addition to our Savanna platform, this robust retail software solution analyzes data identifying opportunities for improvement. It then sends a plain-text prescriptive action directly to an appropriate stakeholder, telling them exactly how to respond. No more complex reports, just simple actions that empower your people to fix issues in the moment.

  • Increase Sales

    Identify upselling and cross-selling best practices, maximize average basket size and customer spend, and improve the customer experience.

  • Drive Supply Chain Excellence

    Identify and address points of inefficiency and waste, optimize cost to serve and maximize on time shipment complete.

  • Mitigate Risk

    Protect margins and profits, improve shrink forecasting and identify and eliminate cases of fraud, theft and non-compliance.

Zebra Prescriptive Analytics for:

Store Operations

Zebra Prescriptive Analytics empowers store managers to increase sales, optimize the customer experience and improve essential KPIs.

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Asset Protection

Zebra Prescriptive Analytics empowers asset protection managers to identify and resolve cases of shrink, non-compliance and discount abuse in real time.

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Zebra Prescriptive Analytics effectively improves logistical operations throughout the supply chain.

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Zebra Prescriptive Analytics is an effective choice for CIOs, offering fast deployment times, training and leading cyber security services.

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Zebra Prescriptive Analytics drives operational excellence throughout your warehouse, especially around productivity, compliance, labor efficiency and waste.

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Zebra Prescriptive Analytics helps identify the root causes of underwhelming numbers before losses increase.

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Zebra Prescriptive Analytics helps merchandisers, buyers, allocators and planners maximize sell-through, optimize assortment, improve quality and more.

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See How Zebra is Innovating Prescriptive Analytics

Everything About Prescriptive Analytics in 2 Mins

See how prescriptive analytics empowers employees at the edge to increase revenue, margins, efficiency and more. From its simple, bias-free corrective actions and near-real time alerts to machine learning-powered root cause analysis and simplicity of use, find out why this robust software solution is a critical asset for the world’s largest and most innovative retail and CPG organizations.

illustration of how data and analytics can help inventory management

A Day in the Life with Zebra Prescriptive Analytics

In this infographic, see the benefits and value Zebra Prescriptive Analytics can offer various retail functions.

Is Prescriptive Analytics the "Secret Weapon" For Fighting Organized Retail Crime?

Many retailers say "yes". See examples of how Zebra Prescriptive Analytics has been used to eliminate ORC.

Let Zebra Help You Understand and Act on Your Data