Zebra SmartCount™

Ensuring Retailers Have the Right Products in the Right Stores at the Right Time

Zebra SmartCount™ is one of the most innovative and comprehensive self-scan, physical inventory management solutions available to the retail industry. With simple out-of-the-box deployment, Zebra SmartCount delivers real-time inventory visibility with significant savings to better manage shrink, increase sales, and ensure retailers have the right products in the right stores at the right time. As the industry leader in self-directed inventory management solutions, Zebra has supported inventory events globally in more than 62,000 retail stores annually—and counting—with retailers achieving cost reductions of 25% to 50%, with exceptional accuracy in their physical inventory management.

  • Achieve More Accurate Counts

    Retail is changing fast, and so are methods to manage physical inventory. As e-commerce and buy-online-pickup-instore services expand rapidly, customer satisfaction depends on store inventories being as accurate as possible. From hardware and software, to training and 24/7 real-time support, SmartCount is a comprehensive solution that helps retailers achieve more accurate counts with complete visibility chain-wide.

  • Reduce Costs and Inefficiencies

    Third-party inventory service providers have become too costly, inefficient, disruptive and inaccurate. Self-directed scanning with SmartCount is more economical than outsourced programs. And because retail associates know their stores better than third-party vendors, they can conduct faster, more successful inventories with greater program flexibility and efficiency.

  • Make Counts Simpler and More Flexible

    SmartCount provides best-in-class Zebra mobile scanning technology pre-loaded with Zebra’s inventory management software and your inventory files for every store. Each SmartCount kit includes all the equipment needed to support each of your store’s physical inventory events, with real-time support, web reporting and analytics, and complete inventory visibility chainwide.

Learn How to See It All With Zebra SMARTCOUNT

Full Store Physical Inventory Solutions

  • Comprehensive and simple-to-deploy self-scan physical inventory solutions
  • Dashboards and portal provide real-time inventory results visibility
  • SSAE 18 certified and approved by major auditing firms
  • Available on your Zebra devices plus Zebra will supplement devices as needed to accommodate chain-wide counts
Zebra Scanner sending data to the cloud

Cycle Count Solution

  • Available as a turn-key, out-of-the-box solution or as Solution as a Service (SaaS) for Zebra mobile devices
  • Validate on-hands which improves in-stocks
  • Identify and manage shrink
  • Prescriptive in design – directs what merchandise in which stores to count
Computer displaying graph with progress checks


  • Intuitively designed dashboards with immediate access to inventory status, audit completion, scanning productivity, variance to on-hands and more
  • Easy-to-apply filters, e.g. variances >$50 within a store, audit details for fixture values >$1,000, stores with scanning productivity <700 UPH, etc.
  • Oversight into every store’s inventory preparation and readiness, with interactive messaging
  • Metrics accessible in real-time by store, regional and corporate users
Devices working together around the world

Learn How to See It All With Zebra SMARTCOUNT