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Software Downloads FAQs

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Do I Need A Zebra Account To Download Software?


Zebra printer drivers are unrestricted and do not require login. If you are having difficulty downloading a driver, please clear your browser cache.

Zebra printer firmware is unrestricted but requires login with a valid account

Operating system files for mobile computers and tablets are generally restricted and require an active contract or active software warranty to download. 

For other software such as utilities and development tools, please check the individual software page for download requirements. 


Is the Duration of Zebra's Software Warranty Different than the Hardware Warranty?


The hardware warranty period generally extends for 12 months from the date shipped or from the purchase date, whichever is later, unless otherwise specified in the Product Warranty Exceptions list. The software warranty extends for 90 days from the date hardware or software first shipped or from the purchase date, whichever is later. 

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How Can I Request a Correction to the Software Warranty Date in Zebra's System?


To request adjustment of a software warranty date:

Complete the Request Assistance With Software Download form

Select Adjust software warranty end date for issue type

A Zebra representative will contact you to obtain the proof of purchase.

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What Should I Do If I Have an Active Contract or Active Software Warranty But Am Unable to Download Restricted Software? 


If cannot detect the contract or warranty based on the data in our systems, you will be directed to an Alternate Validation page, where you will be asked to provide your Serial Number or Contract Number. 

If your Serial Number or Contract Number are not available, or if entering them does not enable the download, please submit the Request Assistance with Software Download form for further assistance:

Include your Account Name and any other available information that would help Zebra validate the contract or warranty

A support case will be created on your behalf and a Zebra representative will contact you.




Can I Purchase a Contract If I Need to Download Restricted Software But Don't Have One? 


Our Zebra OneCare program allows you to obtain comprehensive coverage for your Zebra product, including access to restricted software downloads. 

Speak with your Zebra representative or partner about how to purchase Zebra OneCare service. 



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