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OS Upgrade Notice: Android 8/9 to Android 10

In addition to the normal upgrade processes, Zebra has detailed an enhanced upgrade procedure for customers who are upgrading to Android 10 (Q) to mitigate a potential factory reset.

Please be advised of the following guidance regarding upgrading from specific builds of Android 8 (Oreo) / Android 9 (Pie) to Android 10 (Q).

Failure to follow this guidance will result in a device being reset to its factory state upon completion of the upgrade, losing all installed applications and data.

Issue Scope

When upgrading from Android 8 (Oreo) / Android 9 (Pie) to Android 10 (Q), if the version of Android Security Bulletin (ASB) is OLDER than the version present in the currently installed build, a factory reset will occur.

Solution: UPL Method

To avoid a factory reset, both the base BSP build and LG patch can be installed simultaneously using the UPL method. The device will not factory reset if the ASB of the final LG patch is the same or newer than the currently installed build.

To determine a release’s ASB date, reference the “Security Updates” section on the first page of the release notes for the Zebra OS package.

The UPL method of installing multiple OS updates is detailed in Section 11 (‘UPL Mechanism’) of the Android 10 Update Instructions document.

Reference the table below which details possible scenarios when upgrading:

Example Upgrade Scenarios

ScenarioCurrent Build
Android 8/9 BSP / LG (ASB Date – MM/DD/YYYY)
New Build Installation Sequence
Android 10 BSP / LG (ASB Date – MM/DD/YYYY) 
Upgrade without factory reset?
ASB of current build is OLDER than ASB of upgrade buildBSP 01.30.04 LG 12
BSP 10.16.10 LG 00
(09/05/2020 – NEWER)
ASB of current build is the SAME as upgrade buildBSP 01.30.04 LG 19

BSP 10.16.10 LG 00
(09/05/2020 – OLDER)

BSP 10.16.10 LG 44
(02/01/2021 – SAME)

ASB of current build is NEWER than ASB of upgrade buildBSP 01.30.04 LG 31

BSP 10.16.10 LG 00
(09/05/2020 – OLDER)

BSP 10.16.10 LG 26
(12/05/2020 – OLDER)

To avoid a factory reset, the upgrade LG patch ASB date must be the same or later than the current build.

Operating System Affected: Oreo, Nougat

BSP Affected: All

Devices Affected:

  • CC600 / CC6000
  • EC30
  • ET51 / ET56
  • L10A
  • MC9300
  • PS20
  • TC52 / TC52HC
  • TC57 / TC57HC
  • TC72 / TC77
  • TC8300
  • VC8300

If you need assistance with this issue, please contact support: