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ZQ220 Plus Mobile Printer Support

ZQ220 Plus printer

Retain proof of purchase for warranty confirmation.

+ First Time Setup / Getting Started

The Setup guidelines below will take you to English documentation. You can access the localized QUICK START GUIDE attached in the printer box or in the MANUALS section.


There are 3 methods to help you quickly get started with your ZQ220 Plus or ZQ120 Plus Mobile Printer.

  • Method 1: Simple settings and print via printer screen configuration.
  • Method 2: Setup and print via ZLabel Designer App (Android or iOS version).
  • Method 3: Use Zebra Setup Utilities (ZSU) Windows version.

Method 1: Simple Settings and Print Via Printer Screen Configuration

1. Make sure the media roll with the proper size is placed in the printer media tub.

2. Press Power to power up the printer.

3. Press Config to set up the following items if needed:

  • Darkness: Increase or decrease the darkness by pressing Media Feed.
  • Power Up: Select either Feed On or Feed Off by pressing Media Feed.
  • Head Close: Select either Head Open or Head Close by pressing Media Feed.
  • Power Sleep Mode: Select either Enable or Disable by pressing Media Feed.
  • Print: Print a configuration report by pressing Media Feed.
  • MAC Address: Select either Display On or Display Off by pressing Media Feed.
  • ·Media Type: Select either Journal, Front Black Mark, Back Black Mark, or Label by pressing Media Feed.
  • Exit Configuration: Exit the Configuration Screen and return to the Operation Screen by pressing Media Feed.

Method 2: Setup and Print Via ZLabel Designer App (Android Or iOS Version)

1.  Download Zlabel Designer from Google Play™ (Android™) or App Store® (iOS®).

2. Install Zlabel Designer on your mobile computing device.

NOTE: Zlabel Designer is a standalone application.  It does not collect user information for registration or feature pop-up advertisements.  The application can be used immediately after installation.

3. Pair your mobile device with the printer by following these steps:

  • Access the Bluetooth settings from the mobile device.
  • Tap the printer name from the device list to select it.
  • If pairing for the first time, enter Pin Code 0000.

4. Open ZLabel Designer, navigate to Settings > My Device, select the printer, and tap Connect.

5. Tap Printer Settings to set up the following items:

  • Printer Setting > Print Density
  • Paper Setting > Paper Type, Horizontal Offset
  • Device Setting > Switch Programming language, Upgrade Printer (Firmware)

Method 3: Use Zebra Setup Utilities (ZSU) Windows Version

IMPORTANT! Do not connect your printer to a computer yet! 

  • If you connected your printer to a computer via USB before driver installation, the printer might appear as an unknown (unspecified) device in “Devices and Printers.” 
  • If necessary, follow these recovery steps before proceeding to Step 1. 

1. Download and install the Zebra Setup Utilities (ZSU) printer configuration utility. 

2. Connect the printer to a USB port on your computer.

3. Loading the Media (media usually means labels, but it also includes tag stock, receipt paper, and other things that can be printed on). 

4. Print a test label.

5. The printer settings must match the actual supplies that you are using for your print job and the options on your printer. Adjust the printer settings as necessary using Zebra Setup Utilities software or Windows Printer Driver v5

+ Drivers

If you had connected your printer to the computer via USB prior to driver installation, follow these recovery steps before printer driver installation. 

ZQ220 Plus Drivers - Recommended

  • Windows Printer Driver v5

    Use this driver if you need to use either CPCL or EPL printer command languages.
    'ZDesigner Printer Driver' is compatible with ZebraDesigner 3 and prior versions.
    OPERATING SYSTEM versions: Windows 10/11, Windows Server 2016/2019/2022 (see Release Notes for details)
    How to Install Driver v5

      Download 14 MB View release notes

Printer Configuration Utility

Other Drivers

  • OPOS Driver

    Use this OLE for Retail POS driver to develop applications that are compatible with the Unified POS specification. See the release notes for printer compatibility and system requirements.
    OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10/11

      Download 7 MB View release notes

+ Manuals

ZQ220 Plus Set-Up and User Guides

Regulatory Guides

  • Zebra ZQ120 Plus, ZQ220 Plus Regulatory Guide (en)

    P112937-001 Rev. A

    Download 1 MB

+ How-To Videos

ZQ220 Plus videos

+ Software

Developer Tools

+ Software Manuals

+ Troubleshooting

ZQ220 Plus Knowledge Articles

+ Printer OS (Firmware)

ZQ220 Plus Firmware

+ Specifications and Characteristics


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