Zebra CFO Olivier Leonetti and CMO Jeff Schmitz sit down for a podcast discussion about what's driving the company's growth.
By Your Edge Blog Team | October 14, 2019

Exclusive Interview with Two of Zebra’s Top Execs: “What’s Really Driving Our Growth”

CFO Olivier Leonetti and CMO Jeff Schmitz Talk About Everything from Acquisitions to Enterprise Asset Intelligence, Including the One “Asset” That’s Making the Biggest Impact on the Company’s Success Right Now

In case you haven’t heard, the last year at Zebra has been incredibly exciting! Beyond celebrating our 50th anniversary, we have…

  • Launched our Your Edge blog (Thank you for becoming such an avid reader!)

But truth be told, this is just a sliver of what we’ve been up to.

Behind closed doors, we have been innovating quite aggressively around everything from Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain and RFID to artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and 3D sensors so that we can continue to bring you the advanced technology solutions you need to capture your edge. Out in our communities, we have volunteered tens of thousands of hours in an effort to give back to our local communities where we live and work.

And our team’s hard work has not gone unnoticed.

Just recently, we learned that Zebra moved up from #45 (2018) to #32 (2019) on the Crain’s Chicago Business Fast 50 list. Our Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Schmitz and Chief Financial Officer Olivier Leonetti were also named honorees in this year’s Daily Herald Business Ledger’s C-Suite of the Year awards. And a number of other Zebras have received industry accolades throughout the year for their individual and team contributions to technology innovation and industry advancement.

We are often asked what we believe the primary driver to be for Zebra’s growth. To help shed some light on all the influential forces, Jeff Schmitz sat down with Olivier Leonetti for a very candid discussion about Zebra’s past, present and future.

Watch this video preview of the interview and then listen to the full podcast to find out the one thing that Olivier believes is at the core of Zebra’s ongoing success:

Listen to the full conversation between Jeff and Olivier:


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Zebra’s “Your Edge” Blog Team
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