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Making Modern Warehousing a Reality: Supply Chain Resiliency & Agility

This installment of Zebra’s Warehousing Vision Study Series sheds light on warehouse supply chain challenges. It highlights the measures warehouse leaders are taking and the technologies they invest in to improve warehouse visibility, optimize productivity, and achieve supply chain resiliency.

Supply Chain Resiliency & Agility


Warehouses are critical in ensuring products are stored, managed, and transported seamlessly throughout the supply chain. However, traditional operational methods are no longer sufficient to respond to challenges or peaks in demand. Forward-thinking warehouse leaders understand that adaptiveness is crucial to remain competitive. Therefore, some are turning to data visibility and analytics to help them stay ahead. This report examines factors causing supply chain disruption, how warehouse leaders are gaining operational visibility, and what they're doing to achieve supply chain resiliency.


  1. Demand for inventory traceability and reverse logistics is accelerating rapidly.
  2. Augmenting workers with mobility and automation are key initatives for decision-makers.
  3. Inventory visibility plays a pivotal role in determining the maturity of a warehouse.
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Vision Study Report

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10 minutes

  • Leading Supply Chain Challenges                 
  • Goals Powering Investment in Operational Visibility
  • Top Workflows for Mobile and Wearable Devices                                           



of warehouse decision-markers agree improvements in operational visibility lead to better staff and asset utilization.



of executives are investing in software and automating analytics and decision-making.

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