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Industrial Machine Vision and Fixed Scanners

Zebra’s acquisition of Matrox® Imaging expands our industrial automation portfolio to support basic track-and-trace applications to complex inspection, recognition and guidance tasks. Streamline how you qualify, procure and deploy solutions with an interoperable portfolio for all your vision needs.

Salesperson uses Zebra scanner to scan the barcode on a shoe box for a shopper paying at the cash register

Vision Without Limits

Zebra Aurora Vision for OEM is machine vision software with deep learning capabilities for industrial image analysis and quality inspection applications
Scale Up As Your Business Grows
Scale Up As Your Business Grows

Zebra delivers the widest available ecosystem of machine vision products and fixed industrial scanners. Scale up and across portfolios with ease by adding on complementary hardware or a software license. Our flexible machine vision portfolio grows with your business, so you can effortlessly leverage vision technology to boost yields, lower costs, and enhance regulatory compliance.

Do More With a Smaller Footprint
Do More With a Smaller Footprint

Modular machine vision and fixed scanning components let you right-fit your solution—and growth. Our intuitive software is easier to use and our systems require less hardware to implement. Adapting an existing automation system? Our portfolio interoperates widely with third-party components so you can drive down time to install, acquire and deploy your vision.

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Future-Proof Your Vision
Future-Proof Your Vision

Zebra is an automation leader who understands how to protect your business, today and beyond. Our interoperable automation portfolio and extensive partner network are here for you every step of the way. Zebra OneCare offers 24/7 expert support, while product designs adhere to and adapt with industry standards to future-proof your investments.

Industrial Machine Vision and Fixed Scanners Products

6 Product Models

Fixed Industrial Scanners

Track and trace confidently with Zebra’s family of Fixed Industrial Scanners. Ideal for high-volume industrial scanning environments, our stationary devices follow items through production, storage and fulfillment operations, delivering on speed and accuracy.

3 Product Models

Vision Controllers

Boost the performance of your machine vision applications with Zebra’s Vision Controllers. Built for factory and enterprise settings, our expandible vision controllers power your installations, helping reduce costly downtime and lower overall system costs.

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1 Product Model

Machine Vision Cameras

The CV60 series of area scan cameras are built for vision systems featuring multi-camera configurations. With several monochrome and color models to choose from, the CV60 Series features high-resolution CMOS sensors with resolutions ranging from 2.3 to 12.3 megapixels over a GigE Vision interface.

4 Product Models

Smart Sensors and Cameras

Enhance your operations with Zebra’s Smart Sensors and Machine Vision Cameras. From simple track-and-trace to complex quality inspection, our smart vision sensor and smart camera solutions offer real-time data and actionable insights on critical operations.

1 Product Model

Indio I/O Card

Indio provides the industrial I/O and communication capabilities to turn any PC running Matrox Imaging vision software into a genuine vision controller. It provides discrete inputs and outputs managed in hardware for the real-time synchronization of a vision application with automation devices.

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6 Product Models

Frame Grabbers

Unlock the potential of your machine vision system with Zebra Frame Grabbers. We support leading interface standards and offer a range of inputs, connectors, and pre-processing capabilities for high-quality image acquisition, even in demanding installations.

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2 Product Models

3D Sensors

Zebra’s 3D sensors deliver outstanding accuracy and versatility to support complex machine vision inspection, dimensioning, and picking applications found in manufacturing and logistics. With the ability to capture detailed data of stationary or moving objects, Zebra’s 3D sensors detect even the most subtle defects or variations that can be missed with 2D imaging solutions alone.