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Ultra-Rugged Scanners

DS3600 Series Ultra-Rugged Barcode Scanners


DS3600-DP, DS3600-DPA, DS3600-ER, DS3600-HD, DS3600-HP, DS3600-KD, DS3600-SR

Scan Past Any Challenge with Unstoppable Barcode Scanners

Zebra ultra-rugged scanners earned their name for a reason. Built for the unique challenges of manufacturing and warehouse tasks, these scanners stand up to harsh conditions, read at astonishing lengths and speeds, and give workers nonstop, full-shift power.

Designed to capture data despite obstacles, labels that are far, damaged, or even covered by shrinkwrap are read quickly and easily to help meet tight deadlines. Keep operations going and streamline fleet management with real-time analytics, all with the support of experts in rugged enterprise intelligence behind you.

Benefits of the DS3600 Series

Manufacturing worker uses Zebra DS3600 industrial barcode scanner in auto plant
Superior Performance

We’ve packed the 3600 Series with our most advanced scanning technology. The result? Workers can dependably scan barcodes in any condition, as fast as they can pull the trigger, driving worker productivity and customer service to a new level.

Warehouse worker uses Zebra DS3600 long range barcode scanner to scan brown boxes on top of pallet racks
Ultra-rugged Design

The ultra-rugged corded and cordless models are the only scanners in this class that are dust-tight, sprayproof and waterproofed to IP68, with an IP65-sealed cradle for a complete rugged cordless solution.

Worker uses the keypad of Zebra DS3600 barcode scanner in a manufacturing plant as other workers pack products in blue storage bins
Unrivaled Manageability

With our complimentary industry-best tools, managing these scanners couldn’t be easier. You can remotely configure and upgrade your scanners, format data properly for instant transmission into your business applications, monitor battery statistics and more.

DataCapture DNA - Your Scanner's Built in Advantage

Scan with abilities developed and continuously refined by a partner with more than 50 years of field-proven innovation. Zebra knows the scanning journey better than other providers. That’s why we’ve engineered into all our scanners Zebra DataCapture DNA—a suite of software capabilities to help your team adapt to future needs and achieve greater business outcomes.

Additional Software Features


Zebra's 123Scan utility has a configuration wizard that simplifies every step of scanner deployment and is loaded with time-saving features.

Part of the DataCapture DNA Suite
Remote Management (SMS/WMI)

Zebra Remote Management makes it easy to manage scanners remotely with two options: Scanner Management Service (SMS) or Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI.)

Part of the DataCapture DNA Suite
Virtual Tether

With Virtual Tether, both the Zebra scanner and cradle will alert users when a scanner is taken beyond its Bluetooth range or left off the charger for a predefined length of time.

Part of the DataCapture DNA Suite


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