be switchcraft sees manufacturing process in real time with rfid


BE Switchcraft

Adelaide, South Australia/Australia



Adelaide, South Australia/Australia



Leading Manufacturer of Customized Electrical Switchboards Improves Monitoring Process with RFID Solution

BE Switchcraft replaced its barcode scanning solution with RFID technology that now provides real-time visibility into each stage of the manufacturing process.


BE Switchcraft manufactures switchboards used in buildings throughout the world. The company has seen significant growth recently, with production increasing from 100 switchboards a month to nearly 200. Due to the critical nature of its switchboards, BE Switchcraft needed a way to accurately track the status of each order and better manage deadlines for each project.



Switchboard production is very complex and a lot of documentation follows the product as it moves across the factory floor. BE Switchcraft decided to place RFID tags on each bundle of documents which are tracked by Zebra's FX9600 fixed RFID readers. The readers provide seamless, real-time visibility into the status of each switchboard, allowing management to provide more accurate deadlines to its customers.

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