Device Diagnostic Tool

Zebra’s free Device Diagnostic Tool (DDT) quickly tests the hardware, battery, software, and connectivity on most Zebra Android mobile computers to determine device health and functionality. This powerful, user-friendly tool can quickly troubleshoot device issues that users can resolve themselves in the field, limiting downtime and unnecessary returns for repair. If your device does need repair, running the DDT test will help isolate the problem when you seek additional support.

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Device Diagnostic Tool 2.7 Now Available

New features supported in Android 10 and Android 11:

  • New About screen added, containing version information. To access About, tap the menu on the top right of the main screen and select About.
  • Scanner Test now supports all barcode symbologies. Previously, a restricted set of symbologies were supported, which resulted to a failed test if an unsupported barcode was scanned.
  • DDT now sends test result data to Zebra Data Service for integration with VisibilityIQ.
  • Added test completion (end) time to the log files, in addition to the test start time.

Consult the release notes to learn more, and download the latest version of DDT as an APK file or from the Google Play Store.

- Device Diagnostic Tool v2 Download

Before downloading, please check the Supported Devices tab below to determine if DDT V2 can be installed on your device(s).

Please visit this page regularly to download the latest version of Device Diagnostic Tool.


 APK File Download

+ - Applicable for Android 10 and above

Release Date: 

May 2022


Device Diagnostic Tool Release Note Download 211 KB



Applicable for Android 10 and above.

 Download 2 MB

+ - Applicable for Android 10 and below

Release Date: 

August 2021


Device Diagnostic Tool Release Note Download 206 KB



Applicable for Android 10 and below.

 Download 2 MB



.APK File Installation Steps

1. Click the Download DDT V2 (.APK file) button below to download the .APK file.
2. When the .APK file is downloaded or copied by your administrator to the device, open the .APK file on the device to install DDT.

Google Play Store Installation Steps

1. Click the Google Play button below to access the application from the Google Play store.
2. Click the Install button.


Once Installation is complete:

1. DDT is available for use from the application menu on the device.
2. Click the Open button to launch the application.
3. If prompted, grant all the permissions requested.
4. Press Run Tests to run all tests on the device – or select specific tests from the list on the screen to run those tests. 

+ Supported Devices

The Device Diagnostic Tool V2 is available for the following Zebra Android mobile computers:

Device Android Operating System
CC605 Android 10
CC610 Android 10
EC30 Android 10
EC50 Android 10
EC55 Android 10
ET51 Android 10, Android 11
ET56 Android 10
L10A Android 10
MC22 Android 10
MC27 Android 10
MC33x Android 10
MC93 Android 10
PS20J Android 10
TC21 Android 10
TC26 Android 10
TC52 Android 10
TC52X Android 10
TC57 Android 10
TC57X Android 10
TC72 Android 10
TC77 Android 10
TC83 Android 10
VC83 Android 10
WT6300 Android 10

Android Operating System versions supporting Device Diagnostic Tool V2:

  • Android 10
  • Android 11

*For devices with Android KitKat 4.1.1 to 4.4.3, please download DDT 1.0

+ Available Tests

The following eight tests are available to run with Device Diagnostic Tool V2:

  • Audio Test: Checks whether the device microphone and speaker are functioning correctly. The user is required to record sample audio and listen to the sample audio recording to execute this test.

  • Battery Test: Measures and reports the health of the battery. The following battery related information is provided: battery capacity, battery level, part number, serial number, manufacture date, decommission status, voltage, current, and temperature. Additionally, you may set the maximum cycle count threshold for battery replacement

  • Bluetooth Test: Checks whether bluetooth is functioning correctly. The following Bluetooth related information is provided: Bluetooth name, radio power cycle result, radio functional/non-functional, and discoverable/connectable.

  • Button Test: Checks the operation of push-to-talk, left or right scan trigger, and volume up and volume down device buttons. The user is required to push the applicable buttons on the device to execute this test.

  • Scanner Test: Checks whether the device can successfully scan a barcode without error. The user is required to perform the scan operation to execute this test.

  • Touch Screen Test: Checks whether the touch screen of device is functioning correctly. The user is required to touch the display to execute this test.

  • WiFi Test: Measures the signal strength, availability of WiFi, and checks for operation of the WiFi radio. The following WiFi related information is provided: MAC address, network test results from specified address, radio power cycle result, signal strength, ESSID, IP address, BSSID, and speed.

Note, to run the test, users must now manually enable WIFI on all devices and also enable location service on Android 10 devices. A message displays to prompt the user to turn on WIFI or location service prior to running the test. If wifi is not enabled the test will not run. If location service is not enabled, the test will run however the ESSID value will display “location not enabled”

  • WWAN Test:  Measures the cellular network connection strength and checks for operation of the WWAN radio. The following WWAN information is provided: SIM state, voice state, data state, WAN type, signal strength, phone number, and device ID. Note, if a SIM card is not detected, a caution message displays informing the user that a SIM card is not installed and the test will not run.

Note, to comply with Android security requirements, when this test is run on Android 10 devices, the test details screen no longer displays the device ID and the history log file no longer captures the device ID or the device service number. 

  • SD Card Test: checks for SD card presence, total/free space, and read/write status.

+ Resources and Guides



Additional information such as About Device Diagnostic Tool, Using Device Diagnostic Tool, Configuration, Test Criteria, and Managed Configurations are available on below TechDocs site links.

+ Device Diagnostic Tool V1 (Unsupported)

The Device Diagnostic Tool Release 1.0 was launched in 2015 for select mobile computers with Android KitKat, Windows Mobile 6.5, and Windows CE 5.0., 6.0, 7.0 operating systems. Release 1.0 continues to be available for download however it is no longer supported. The following tests are available in Release 1.0:

  • Battery Test
  • Bluetooth Test
  • GPS Test
  • System Test
  • WiFi/WLAN Test
  • WWAN Test

For a list of supported devices and OS versions, please expand the Device Diagnostic Tool 1.0 option below and review the device compatibility section for each operating system. 

- Download Device Diagnostic Tool V1 (Unsupported)


 Windows CE 5.0, 6.0, 7.0 and Windows Mobile 6.5



Release Date: 

July 2015

Device Compatibility

Please refer to the Release Notes Document for up to date Device Models supported.

  • - EP10 Mobile Computer
  • - ES400 Enterprise Smartphone
  • - MC2100 Mobile Computer
  • - MC55 Mobile Computer Series
  • - MC65 Mobile Computer
  • - MC67
  • - MC75 3.5G Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA)
  • - MC75A Mobile Computer
  • - MC9190-G Mobile Computer
  • - MC9200 Mobile Computer
  • - Omnii XT15
  • - VC70 Vehicle-mounted Computer
  • - WT41N0


Device Diagnostic Tool User Guide Download 956 KB
Zebra OneCare Device Diagnostic Service Release Notes Download 678 KB
ZebraDiagnosticTool Staging Barcode Download 11 KB


Required DLL for former PSION Mobile

 Download 10 KB

CAB file

 Download 35 KB

CAB file

 Download 96 KB

 Android KitKat 4.1.1 to 4.4.3



Release Date: 

July 2015

Device Compatibility

Please refer to the Release Notes Document for up to date Device Models supported.

  • - MC40
  • - TC55 Touch Computer
  • - TC70
  • - TC75


Guide to Zebra Device Diagnostic Tool for ANDROID V1.0 Download 922 KB
Zebra Diagnostic Tool Android Staging Barcode Download 6 KB
Zebra OneCare Device Diagnostic Service Release Notes (ANDROID) Download 654 KB



APK file

 Download 872 KB


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