Repair Portal Update


The streamlined design has friendlier layouts and navigation, improved search capabilities, and clearer presentation to emphasize the most commonly used features. 
Redesigned Home Page – Key Information At-A-Glance

Gain immediate visibility to order status and pending quotes. The home page now includes Order Status Summary details and a list of Active Quotes

  • Order Status Summary displays a tally of repair orders by status. Hover over the indicator bar to display the number of repair orders
  • Active Quotes provides a list of pending per incident repair quote(s). Click on the repair order number to access the Review Quote screen and take immediate action
Bulk Load Processing in the Background

Bulk load will now work in the background, allowing users to log-out or navigate to other areas of the portal during processing. An email notification will notify you once the load is complete. Check progress of the bulk load using the new Bulk Load status field in Repair Orders tab. Once the bulk load is complete, the status will indicate complete or complete with errors, notifying of the ability to proceed with order submission.

Help At Each Step Along the Way

All along the way helpful information has been added

  • In-context help is accessible from every page within the Repair Order Portal. Access Help from the lower right-hand corner of the screen to display job aides and training guides pertaining to the current page
  • Key fields now have detailed information available to help guide your selection. If you are unsure about a field or value, look for an ‘i’ to access additional information
A Simplified Collection Process

For those with collections as part of their contract, requesting collection after repair order submission has been simplified. Available pick-up times for the carrier are now automatically calculated based on the pick-up information you provide. Additionally, collection details can be reviewed in the Repair Details screen. Simply search for your repair order to view the collection information.

Additional Changes to Improve Your Experience
  • A streamlined design simplifies navigation, enhances search capabilities, and emphasizes the most commonly used features
  • A shopping cart number will now be assigned when creating a new repair order. Once the cart is successfully submitted, a repair order number is generated and will display on the Order Confirmation screen, as it does today. Carts can be saved and accessed at a later time from the Repair Orders tab
  • When completing payments for per incident repair orders, you may now select from multiple bill-to addresses in the Payment Details screen, if your account is configured with multiple addresses
  • Subscribe to receive repair status email notifications. With 10 different types of email notifications, it’s the most convenient way to keep you up-to-date on the status of your repair. Access Settings to manage your subscription status. Learn More
Join a live training session to learn more about these exciting changes. Access the schedule of live training sessions for a list of dates and times.

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