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Desktop Printers

ZD400 Series Desktop Printers


ZD421, ZD421C, ZD421-HC, ZD421C-HC, ZD411, ZD411-HC, ZD410, ZD410-HC

The Advanced Desktop Printer That Delivers the Features, Flexibility, Reliability and Security You Need

Be free from picking and choosing between reliability, functionality and security. With Zebra's ZD400 Series 4-inch and 2-inch printers, you're assured of quality performance for years of operation, key features that keep your business moving forward and unmatched security to prevent downtime and costly cyberattacks. And, with our exclusive Print DNA software suite, these printers are easy to setup, operate, manage and maintain – onsite or remotely.

Benefits of the ZD400 Series

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Everything About it is Easy

When you buy a Zebra ZD400 Series printer, each step is frustration-free. With our exclusive Print DNA software suite, its easy to install, manage, use and secure. Use Print Touch with near field communication (NFC) to pair and print or access how-to videos.

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Includes All the Right Features

The ZD400 Series offers features, reliability, flexibility and security that make it stand apart. See status at a glance with the five LED icons. Choose the ribbon cartridge model for fast and fool-proof ribbon loading, or disinfectant-ready healthcare models.

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Ready for Tomorrow's Technology

Be ready for whats next with the ZD400 Series, engineered to evolve with a architecture to power ever-expanding printer capabilities. ZD400 printers feature an intuitive interface, and field-upgradeable connectivity and media handling to grow with your business.

Print DNA - Your Printer's Built in Advantage

Durable printers are essential, but it's the software inside that keeps your printers in action and working hassle-free. That’s why we engineered Zebra Print DNA. It’s a suite of software applications and capabilities built into Zebra printers that leverages everything we’ve learned from thousands of use cases to make sure your printers perform at their highest potential.

With Zebra Print DNA tools and applications, you will stay a step ahead utilizing remote management tools, heightened security and ongoing updates. Ensuring easy integration and interoperability, Print DNA enables your printers to work at optimized performance over their entire lifecycle, even as your business needs evolve.

Additional Software Features

Zebra Printer Setup Utilities

Printer Setup Utilities will enhance your printer experience by enabling you to quickly and easily configure select Zebra industrial, mobile and desktop printers.


With PrintSecure, companies can encrypt connections, allow only permitted access, and regularly update their thermal printers to address new threats.

Part of the Print DNA Suite
Printer Profile Manager Enterprise

Printer Profile Manager Enterprise software gives you fully featured robust remote management of Link-OS printers.

Part of the Print DNA Suite

Print Supplies

The quality of your printing supplies images and their physical integrity are critical to the continuity of your operations. Choosing the high quality and reliability of Zebra Certified Supplies for use with your Zebra thermal printer offers great advantages.

Zebra Certified Supplies

RFID Labels and Tags

Zebra's RFID labels and tags come in a variety of sizes and materials and work with Zebra thermal printers to meet your needs.

Zebra Certified Supplies

Barcode Labels and Tags

Zebra's barcode labels and tags include paper and synthetic materials for thermal transfer or direct thermal printing.

Front facing view of a Zebra Z-Ultimate 3000T white supply
Zebra Certified Supplies

Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Zebra's selection of thermal transfer ribbons includes wax, resin and wax/resin formulations that are perfect for your thermal printer.

Front facing view of a Zebra wax resin ribbon supply


Realize the full potential of your Zebra devices with convenient and affordable accessories.


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