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Mobile Point of Sale and Ordering

woman signing a tablet for food purchase

Increase Efficiency With Mobile Ordering and POS

Whether you serve your guests in a full-service restaurant, by the pool or in a stadium seat, mobile ordering and point of sale (POS) solutions enabled by handheld computers and printers increase your sales, enhance the productivity of your servers and improve guest satisfaction.

The time-consuming process of handwriting an order, walking it to the kitchen and rekeying it later for billing is obsolete when you equip your service staff with a POS system from Zebra.

Now, orders can be sent to the kitchen or bar from the table, the check can easily be generated directly from the order, and credit card payments can be processed instantly.

Increase Sales

Turn tables faster by reducing guest wait time or serve more guests in the same time at stadiums and high-volume cocktail lounges. Make it easy for your servers to up-sell with immediate access to information and pictures of add-ons.

Improve Guest Satisfaction

Table-side ordering and payment eliminates the need for your servers to run between the stand-alone POS and their table, so your servers can be more attentive to guests – creating happier customers.

Reduce Errors

Process more orders, more accurately and in less time. When your servers don’t need to re-enter orders in a stand-alone POS, errors in the kitchen are dramatically reduced.

Zebra Will Help You Design a Mobile Ordering and POS Solution to Meet Your Needs

Recommended Components for Ordering and Payment


Zebra provides a portfolio of mobile computers, tablets, and printers that address the needs of the front and back of the house. Each solution combines food and beverage industry-leading hardware, accessories and supplies with the support of a strong partner network to implement and service.

Software and Applications

Zebra’s powerful software solutions deliver all the management and communication functions your staff need to provide guests with better service.


Our services help you through each phase of your technology's lifecycle, so you can plan a food and beverage solution to fit your organization's current and future needs.