BlueBorne Security Vulnerability Update

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BlueBorne is an attack vector that exploits Bluetooth connections to target and control devices.

Zebra takes security seriously and recommends that customers update to the latest BSP and accept monthly patches to minimize security risk.

BlueBorne may affect computers, mobile phones, and other IoT devices running both Android and Windows operating systems. WinCE and Windows Embedded Hand Held devices are not affected. Printer products, Link-OS printers and CAG specials released after January 1st, 2013, are not susceptible to this form of attack (please see the Zebra Printers and BlueBorne statement for more information). 

Patches for BlueBorne are available today.  Please check the bulletin for specific device availability.

Download the Updates 

CC6000 GMS
EC30  GMS | Non-GMS
EC50/EC55 GMS | Non-GMS
ET50  GMS | Non-GMS
ET51 GMS | Non-GMS
ET55  GMS | Non-GMS
ET56 GMS | Non-GMS
L10A GMS | Non-GMS
MC18 Non-GMS
MC32 Non-GMS
MC33  GMS | Non-GMS
MC3300R  GMS | Non-GMS
MC3300xR GMS | Non-GMS
MC3300x GMS | Non-GMS
MC3300ax GMS | Non-GMS
MC36 GMS (2D)
MC40 Voice | Non-Voice | FIPS
MC67  Premium
MC92  Premium
MC9300 GMS| Non-GMS
PS20 GMS | Non-GMS
TC20 GMS | Non-GMS
TC21 GMS | Non-GMS
TC25 GMS | Non-GMS
TC26 GMS | Non-GMS
TC51  GMS | Non-GMS
TC52  GMS | Non-GMS
TC52x  GMS | Non-GMS
TC52ax  GMS | Non-GMS
TC55 GMS | Non-GMS
TC56 GMS | Non-GMS
TC57 GMS | Non-GMS
TC57x GMS | Non-GMS
TC70x  GMS | Non-GMS
TC72 GMS | Non-GMS
TC75  GMS | Non-GMS | FIPS
TC75x  GMS | Non-GMS
TC77 GMS | Non-GMS
TC8000 GMS | Non-GMS | Non-GMS FIPS
TC8300 GMS | Non-GMS
VC80x GMS | Non-GMS
VC8300 GMS | Non-GMS
WT6000  Non-GMS
WT6300 GMS | Non-GMS


Disclaimer: Zebra makes every attempt to release security updates on or about the time that Google releases its respective security bulletin. However, delivery time of security updates may vary depending on the region, product model, and third party software suppliers. Under some circumstances, the OS must be updated to the latest maintenance release prior to installing the security updates. Individual product updates will provide specific guidance.

Unless otherwise noted, there have been no reports of active customer exploitation or abuse from these newly reported issues.

Are you aware of a potential security issue with a Zebra Technologies product?