Task Management and Communication

Empower the front line with prioritized task notification and enhanced communication capabilities for easier collaboration and more efficient task execution.

Task Management and Communication

Empower More Effective and Connected Front-Line Employees

Give your on-site teams a single execution and communication system for all projects, activities, tasks and messages. Allow management to see completion status in real time and assign follow-up actions using AI-powered insights, ensuring that your front line thrives and your potential soars.

Increase Productivity

Streamline and simplify workflows by enabling teams to communicate and collaborate in real time. Remove confusion and boost efficiency when teams know what to do by role and can work together to accelerate task execution and customer service.

Remove Communication Silos

Set the stage for organic team collaboration with free-flowing information and secure enterprise communication. Turn mobile devices into walkie-talkies to broadcast timely information, or send and receive emergency alerts to keep everyone safe.

Drive Customer Loyalty

Provide teams with intuitive technology so they can confidently help customers, get instant answers to questions or use GPS tracking to locate help. Business phone system-based calling means staff can move freely around the workspace, engaging customers and accomplishing prioritized tasks.

How it Works

Task Management and Communication

Choose the task management and communication solutions that are best for your teams to work at the pace they need. Powerful on their own, these solutions simplify task management and better connect the front line to work as a team. Together, they’re unmatched—transforming your operation and unlocking your productivity potential.

Software Solution

Reflexis Task Management

Send automatic task assignments directly to front-line team members, prioritized based on corporate initiatives and real-time data. Ensure teams complete what needs to be done first, and get completion notifications without delay. This suite of task management tools has everything your employees need to enhance execution, including on-site walks and audits, standardized checklists, peer-to-peer messaging, digital forms and more.

Software Solution

Workforce Connect

Front-line teams can immediately find the information or resources they need to answer customer questions or complete an assignment. This suite of communication tools has what your employees need to stay in touch, including Push-to-Talk, voice, profile management, analytics and more.


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