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Introduction to the Portal

All registered users can benefit from the Repair Order Portal. This is a high-level overview of the most used portal tabs.

1. Home

All announcements regarding changes and improvements of the RMA portal ar displayed on the Information Banner.

Order Status Summary displays a summary of repair orders by status.

Active Quotes provides a list of pending per-incident repair quote(s). Click on the repair order number to take action.

Users can choose to navigate the portal in their preferred language; 18 languages are available. Select the desired language from the Select Language drop-down.

2. Repair Orders 

Create a new Repair Order. 

Or click a Cart Number to access a pending repair order (cart) that has not been submitted for processing.

3. Repair Status

A number of search options are available to help locate the repair order.

Track the Status of your units.

4. Assets

View serial number information and products linked to your account. 

Click on the Serial Number to view asset information.

5. Contracts

View Service Contract information linked to your account.

Click on the contract number to view contact information.

6. Validate Warranty and Entitlement

View the  Entitlement Information about the units.

Search for multiple serial numbers by separating the values with a comma or pressing enter to type on the next line.