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RFID Power Supplies

RFID Power Supplies

We provide a number of high-quality power supplies to power all your RFID accessories and terminals.

Power Supplies
Auto Charge Cable (12 Volt) - VCA901-12R

This cable allows terminal charging from a 12 volt auto cigarette plug

VCA9000-12R Product Photo
Auto Charge Cable (24 volt) - VCA9000-24R

Auto charge cable (cigarette lighter) 24 volt. Requires Adapter ADP9000-100R

VCA9000-24R Product Photo
DC Line Cord - 50-16002-029R

DC line cord for power supply PWRS-14000-241R

50-1600-2029R Product Photo on White Background
DC Power Cable - 25-79405-01

This advanced device provides power to your RFID cradle chargers to ensure uninterrupted performance of your RFID mobile readers.

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Power Supply - PWRS-14000-241R

100-240VAC, 12VDC, 9A, provides power to the four-slot charge only and Ethernet cradles. Requires country-specific, three-wire grounded AC line cord, sold separately.

50-1400-1004R Product Photo on White Background
Power Supply for Four-slot Cradles - PWRS-14000-241R (Energy Star version)

This versatile power supply is for a variety of rugged, digital-assisted, RFID, voice-directed and vehicle mounted mobile computers.

50-1400-1004R Product Photo on White Background
Power Supply for Four-slot Battery Charger - PWRS-14000-242R

Power supply for four-slot battery charger (SAC9000-4000R and UBC2000-I500DES); works with DC line cord (25-72614-01R). Must purchase country-specific three-wire grounded AC line cord separately.

50-1400-1008R Product Photo on White Background
Power Supply - PWRS-14000-260R

Universal power supply, 90~264VAC, +24VDC output, 3.25A

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