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RFID Snap-ons

RFID Accessories Product Collage Photo on White Background

No matter what your RFID solution requires, Zebra's complete line of snap-on accessories meets your needs with fixed, mobile or handheld readers, antennas, tagging solutions and more.

Cable Adapter Module (ADP9000-100R)

MC90XX/MC91XX cable adapter cup (3.3v - 500mA).

Cable Adapter Cup, 5v, 350mA (ADP9000-110R)

MC90XX/MC91XX cable adapter cup (5v - 350mA) for use with the LS3408-ER long range scanner.

Magnetic Stripe Reader MSR9001-100R

This programmable magnetic stripe reader enables Zebra MC90XX and MC9190-G RFID mobile computers to read up to three tracks of information.

Modem Module (MDM9000-100R)

Modem module for MC9000 and MC9190-G (Dongle).

Modem Module (MDM9001-C010R)

The snap-on modem kit for the Zebra MC90xx keeps you connected on the road or during network outages.