Application Visibility

Redefine How Devices And  Applications Are Managed


Greater Visibility and Control

BYOD devices and the proliferation of applications in the world of enterprise have created a greater need for visibility and tighter management control. To handle the flood of devices and applications, today’s IT managers must look beyond traditional methods of visualization, which rely on ports and protocols.

Zebra NSight TM Platform redefines the way IT administrators manage their network by providing real-time visibility and in-depth insight into every dimension of the network, including visibility into layer-7 applications, client devices, users, and types of operating systems and devices being utilized. At a glance, the administrator can discern the top applications by usage or by count, at every level of the network.



Features and Benefits


  • Detect more than 2000 applications with layer-7 application visibility and contextual policy management with an embedded DPI engine at the access point
  • Gain visibility over what the top applications are by usage, bandwidth consumption, and their priority requirements
  • Enforce policies with WiNG’s firewall and quality of service (QoS) policies, which can now leverage the application context


  • Enable IT managers to continuously refine network design and application use policies by analyzing device and application usage trends
  • Prevent non-productivity applications, like streaming media, from taking time away from other applications



Solution Brief

Zebra NSight™

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Solution Brief

Application Visibility and Control