Workforce Connect: Voice

Make your mobile computers double as PBX-enabled handsets with the Workforce Connect Voice feature. Part of the Workforce Connect modular suite, Workforce Connect Voice is a fully-featured voice client that brings comprehensive desk phone functionality to compatible Zebra mobile computers.

With Workforce Connect Voice, your employees can access data and place/receive phone calls routed through the PBX anywhere in your facility. The simple interface is easy to deploy, customize, and use, reducing the need for staff training. Experience single device simplicity with Workforce Connect. 

The enterprise features you need

  • Easy to deploy

    Allow the PBX to create function buttons, adopt speed dial and corporate directories automatically, create and define custom buttons and place anywhere.

  • Interface simplicity

    All the features your users need are just a button press away.

  • Eliminate training

    Complete control over interface design allows you to achieve maximum user interface simplicity for different roles and user experience levels, virtually eliminating user training — ideal in industries with high turnover, such as retail.

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