Cold Chain Solutions

Operate in Extreme Weather Conditions

Make Work in the Cold Chain Easier
and More Productive

Leverage the broadest cold chain technology portfolio in the industry designed to operate in extreme cooler, refrigerator, chiller, and freezer conditions.

Zebra’s freezer-compliant devices are engineered to provide reliable operation, regardless of the dramatic temperature swings. This makes the entire supply chain more effective, protects your customers, and enhances the profitability of your business.

Streamline Cold Storage Handling

Fulfill more orders per day with improved safety and comfort while handling cases in cold storage with hands-free technology.

Increase Accuracy and Productivity

Quickly and efficiently enter data – even with gloved hands – by using large keys and an easy-to-use touch-screen on ergonomically designed handheld mobile computers.

Reduce Errors

Alleviate common problems associated with mobile devices, such as condensation, moving between coolers and freezers and the warmer room temperature warehouse environment.

Recommended components for Cold Chain Solutions

Each solution combines industry-leading hardware and accessories, custom software from our App Development Community, supplies to withstand the conditions of your manufacturing facility and the best partner network to implement and service.


With the rugged MC9200, take efficiency and accuracy to the next level in your most demanding environments.

The Omnii XT15 Series, uniquely adaptive by design – combines extreme versatility with open innovation to deliver flexibility.

Give operators in material handling vehicles mobile access to the desktop applications they need to complete tasks faster and more accurately.

A sophisticated, wearable terminal that boosts worker productivity with high-performance, hands-free mobile computing.


Our services help you through each phase of your technology's lifecycle, so you can plan your communications solution to fit your organization's current and future needs.

Zebra's portfolio of location solution products along with our real-time locating system software, work together to give you a digital view of your physical operations.