Online RMA - Asia Pacific

NOTE: Zebra has recently updated many of our systems, processes, and tools. Please note the following information and changes: 

  • Temporary System Downtime: Beginning Friday, April 28 at 6 am Singapore Time (MYT), the Asia Pacific Online RMA (Repair Order) Portal will be unavailable until the start of business Monday, May 1. During this outage window, the RMA Portal will be temporarily unavailable. 
  • Minor Screen Changes: Regular users of the portal may notice that the appearance of some screens, and the location and sequence of a few data entry fields, has changed slightly. We appreciate your flexibility as we work to improve our global portal design.
  • Chinese Language Portal: Coming May 1, the Repair Order Portal user interface will be available in Mandarin Chinese. 
  • Training and Q&A Opportunities: New to the portal or have a few questions? Join one of the live sessions being offered in the coming weeks. Click on a date, download the ics file, and click accept to add the meeting to your calendar.

Training Sessions                             
Session 1: April 18  3-4 PM MYT, 9-10 AM CET, 2-3 AM CDT
Session 2: April 19  4-5 PM MYT, 10-11 AM CET, 3-4 AM CDT
Session 3: April 20  3-4 PM MYT, 9-10 AM CET, 2-3 AM CDT
Session 4: April 20  8-9 PM MYT, 2-3 PM CET, 7-8 AM CDT
Session 5: April 25  3-4 AM MYT, April 24: 9-10 PM CET, 2-3 PM CDT
Session 6: April 25  10-11 PM MYT, 4-5 PM CET, 9-10 AM CDT

Post-Go-Live Q&A Sessions
Session 1: May 8   10-11 PM MYT, 4-5 PM CET, 9-10 AM CDT
Session 2: May 9   9-10 AM MYT, May 8: 3-4 AM CET, 8-9 PM CDT
Session 3: May 10 8-9 PM MYT, 2-3 PM CET, 7-8 AM CDT

Online Repair Request (Contract and Non-contract)

Register for Access

In order to obtain an online repair, you must register first. Please be prepared to provide your Service Contract Number or your Site ID in to complete the form. 

Access Repair Portal

Once you register, then you can access the portal through this link. You can request a repair, view the status of a repair or find out warranty information.

Support Contact Numbers

If your product is in need of repair, Zebra offers repair services for products that are under warranty, covered by a service contract or through a Time and Material based charge.

Please follow the process for your country listed below:

  • Customer Support Hours: Monday to Friday, 9 a.m.- 6 p.m. (In-country local time)
  • Contact the RMA Support number for your area: 1-800-457-439 
  • When contacting Zebra please provide your serial number


Country Contact the RMA Support number for your area:
Austraila 1-800-457-439
China China North Area - 10-800-713-0885
China Southern Area - 10-800-130-0867
China Local +86-21-6108-6109
Hong Kong

India 000 800 100 3098
Indonesia 001-803-015-202-0530
Japan 00531-13-1127
Malaysia 1800-812-384
03 7712 4489 
New Zealand



Philippines 2900-3057



South Korea 080-681-0880
Taiwan 00801-14-8690
Thailand 001 800 441 0950

For Repairs in other Regions