GEA Farm Technologies

GEA Farm Technologies

Zebra Location Solutions and GEA Farm Technologies introduce CowView – saving farmers time and money through real time tracking of animal behaviour

As smaller farms consolidate to meet increasing demands, farmers now manage larger herds and require more skilled manpower than ever before.

With these changing demands, GEA Technologies saw the potential of Real Time Location Solutions (RTLS) to help ease farming processes. By tracking and analysing individual animal behaviour, routine tasks could be streamlined, labour savings made and a more flexible workflow created.


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The Story

GEA turned to Zebra Location Solutions to bring this vision to life, collaborating closely to create CowView. This innovative tracking system delivers actionable insight to farmers' mobile devices, based on real time location tracking.

Zebra's expertise in delivering robust, reliable and refined data through RTLS is now combined with GEA's expertise in behavioural analysis. The result? With CowView farmers now have instant visibility into their herd through a user-friendly mobile application.

For an average sized barn, design and installation can be completed within a 2 week period meaning minimal disruption to farm operations and less stress for the animals.

View this video to see how this technology is helping farmers to adapt and improve their processes, whilst also ensuring happier, healthier livestock.