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Lucas Systems - Jennifer


Lucas Systems is the pioneer of warehouse productivity solutions for mobile workers and distribution center managers. Unlike voice-enablement and voice picking systems that offer one answer to every challenge, Jennifer™VoicePlus, from Lucas, lets DCs transform their processes using the best technology for each task, including voice, speech recognition, barcode scanning, touchscreens, and RFID. Jennifer extends current systems and gives associates and supervisors better tools to do their jobs, optimizing operations and maximizing productivity and accuracy. Customers like Cardinal Health, The Container Store, C&S Wholesale Grocers, HD Supply, and Mondelez trust Lucas Systems to deliver next-generation supply chain solutions because we truly understand warehouse operations.

Contact Lucas Systems— Jennifer

Phone: 1-724-940-7000

Email: Lucas Systems

Lucas Systems Website

Beyond Voice Enablement

  • Configurable workflows for all DC processes, not just picking
  • Intelligently combines voice direction, industrial-grade speech recognition, barcode scanning and display
  • Allows task interleaving and real-time exception handling

Enhanced Management Visibility and Reporting

  • Give managers detailed productivity tracking and users real-time performance feedback
  • Plan and manage work, workers and processes
  • Enable real-time exception handling

Pioneer of Multi-modal Solutions

  • First to deploy warehouse voice solutions on standard mobile computers in 2003
  • Unique industrial speech recognition optimized for the warehouse
  • More multi-modal applications on Zebra platforms than anyone

Voice Guidance

Keyed Response

Scan Response

Voice-only Wearable

Vehicle Mounted

Screen Reinforcement

Voice Response


Handheld/Holstered Mobile Computer

Industrial Wireless