Using the ZebraNet Print Server Web Page to configure the printer

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How do I use the ZebraNet Print Server Web Page to configure the printer settings

Applies To

Zebra Printers with the ZebraNet Print Server 


Windows browser and a network connected printer
Note: On some older printers bi-directional must be enabled. This would be a selection in the LCD Display under Parallel Port.


The ZebraNet Print Server supports http communications and will display a web page when accessing the printer's IP Address. From this web page the printer configurations can be set. 


1. From a PC connected to the printer's network, open a browser window.

2. Type the IP Address of the printer into the browsers URL Address window

3. The printer's web page will be displayed.

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4. Select View and Modify Printer Settings

5. Enter the password 1234

6. You can now configure your printer settings (select the Submit Button to send the configuration to the printer)

For information on the printer configurations


When you have completed setting your printer configuration return to the View and Modify Printer Settings Page and select Save Current Configurations.

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Helpful Information

If the printer has an LCD Display it can be used to configure and save the printer settings. In addition to the methods described above you can use one of the following utilities or driver to perform printer setup and configuration.

Application or Utility Comment
Zebra Setup Utility Read More>>

This is a free Windows based utility that features a printer setup wizard for simple printer or network setup. 



ZebraNet Bridge Read More>>

 This is an enterprise application for network printer management but is free to use for configuring a network connected printer



ZebraDesigner Driver Read More>>                                             

If you are using the ZebraDesigner Driver there is a Printing Preferences section that allows you to configure your printer.