Computers/Industrial Machinery

Permanently protect and identify products with Zebra labeling solutions.

Manufacturing Categories
Aerospace | Automotive | Chemical | Computers/Industrial Machinery | Consumer Packaged Goods | Electronics | Metal | Pharmaceutical | Telecommunications | Textiles

Products and components that need permanent identification need Zebra. We have a variety of standard and specialty label materials and printing/encoding solutions that provide lifetime identification and protection.

Look to Zebra for help in the following areas:

  • Produce permanent certification labels, model plates, and other ID labels on durable materials with optional security features. Zebra offers pre-approved label and ribbon combinations to speed up your UL/CSA certifications.
  • Encode serial numbers, production codes, configuration, and service information in bar codes or RFID smart labels to add convenience to record keeping and asset management
  • Zebra small-item labeling solutions can produce linear and two-dimensional (2-D) bar codes to track tiny components for work-in-process, materials management, inventory control and other applications.
  • Smart labels and secure media offer additional data encoding and identification options for creating more secure service and return authorizations and anti-diversion programs.
  • Custom labels can be color-matched to your product for a high quality, brand-boosting look.

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