Labels are the link to improved supply chain and security operations.

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Innovative solutions from Zebra help you get more out of your operations by adding advanced brand-protection and supply chain tracking technologies to product and shipment labels. A single printing solution can produce bar code labels for product identification or shipment labeling, add multiple layers of authentication technology for brand protection, and encode embedded RFID tags to meet Electronic Product Code (EPC) and other compliance requirements. Combine these capabilities with our traditional product and shipment labeling solutions to meet your current and emerging supply chain requirements for identification and visibility. Here are some of the reasons leading consumer packaged goods manufacturers rely on Zebra to meet their printing needs:

  • Provide permanent product identification and satisfy UL/CSA labeling needs with our pre-certified media offerings.
  • Zebra compliance labeling solutions support the label sizes, formats, bar code, and RFIDencoding options to meet all leading compliance program requirements.
  • Innovative brand-protection solutions provide convenient and cost effective layers of securityto prevent counterfeiting and diversion.
  • Our ERP integration tools offer powerful options to connect label printing operations with the leading enterprise resource planning systems used in the CPG industry.
  • Improve recall management by pinpointing the location of goods more accurately, significantly reducing the expense and time of recalls.

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