Track, maintain, and utilize assets more efficiently with Zebra identification solutions.

Bar code, radio frequency identification (RFID), and card printing solutions help utilities manage employees, assets, and facilities more efficiently and securely. Zebra delivers improved control to central and remote operations with a variety of printing solutions that make it convenient to create and use identification labels wherever they are needed.

  • Automate inventory control, asset management, maintenance, and inspection operations by collecting data from permanent bar code and RFID labels applied to items and locations.
  • Extend these applications to the field by using mobile printers to create ID labels, inspection stickers, receipts, and other documentation.
  • Take advantage of re-writeable RFID smart labels to provide permanent identification and updated service information.
  • Use Zebra desktop card printers to create professional photo ID cards for employees and visitors. Encode the cards with bar codes, magnetic stripes, or RFID for automated access control, time and attendance tracking, tool crib check-in/check-out and other applications.

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TLP 2844 BarCode Printers - Zebra desktop Label and Receipt Printers - Eltron 2844
TLP 2844™: Economical, space-saving printer.

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