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Zebra printing solutions are fashionable because efficiency is always in style.

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Zebra printing solutions give apparel retailers the tools needed to quickly respond to change. Our product features and innovative solutions deliver efficiency and accuracy to daily operations to help manage merchandise, pricing, and customers.

  • The innovative PS 2122 mobile printing workstation includes multiple printers and peripheral supports, so associates can complete all their mark downs, inventory, and shelf labeling tasks in a single trip down the aisle.
  • Zebra mobile and cart-mounted printers offer 802.11b and other wireless connectivity, so merchandise marking price labeling, and other operations can be coordinated with store systems in real time to ensure accuracy, without compromising customer service.
  • Customer assistance applications get a boost from mobile printers, which allow associates to print receiptsand rain checks without leaving the customer to go use a printer.
  • Zebra offers a complete line of rugged, back-of-store and DC printers, ideal for inter-store transfers and other shipping and receivingapplications.
  • Use Zebra printers to create radio frequency identification (RFID)smart labels on demand for a variety of operations, including unattended inventory monitoring, automatic item identification on mixed pallets, "smart shelf" systems, shipping and receiving applications, and more.

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