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Self-Directed Inventory Portal


Striving for Omnichannel Strategy Success? Zebra Can Help.

Retailers like you are looking for improved inventory visibility. If you could optimize your inventory solution, you could fulfill orders faster, provide one-day and same-day shipping, and encourage shopper purchasing autonomy.

The traditional third-party method of performing inventory and cycle counts falls short of achieving these goals, leaving inventories usually only about 65% or 70% accurate. 

Zebra's innovative self-directed inventory solution offers 98% accuracy and provides everything you need to easily and cost-effectively conduct in-store inventory and cycle counts without the third-party intrusion.

Our self-directed solution has proven to:

  • Offer accuracy of 98% and higher
  • Require no capital expenses 
  • Use your current workforce
  • Integrate with your existing inventory management systems

Self-Directed Inventory Portal



Full-Store Physical Inventory Solutions

  • Robust, simple-to-deploy physical inventory solutions
  • Annual PI sets the financial benchmark
  • Audit apps approved by Big 4 auditing firms
  • Web-based portal for real-time inventory results & visibility

Cycle-Count Solutions

  • Cycle Counting becomes an integral part of every Inventory Management program 
  • Validate on-hands 
  • Identify and manage shrink
  • Ensures inventory data integrity

RFID Solutions

  • Fully RFID Enabled – Available now and when your technology roadmap dictates
  • Significantly elevates inventory accuracy
  • Inventory results and on line visibility available in real time



Greater Inventory Accuracy and Visibility Helps Retailers Win in the New Omnichannel Landscape

Merchandise visibility is the cornerstone of omnichannel success. Learn more about how having a single view of inventory can help you to cut costs, increase productivity and discover unaccounted assets. 

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