S-400 Electronic Temperature Sensor

Continuous Temperature Monitoring of Shipments

Offering a light and compact design for use in packaging, Zebra's S-400 electronic temperature sensor and datalogger is ideal for cold chain monitoring of any temperature-sensitive product. For single- or multi-use, and with a battery life of up to 12 months, this Bluetooth-enabled portable sensor gives your operations the ability to access and record data, track routes and provide geolocation through the use of a mobile device or gateway. This shipment monitoring can be performed directly through packing materials, containers, trucks, cold chain equipment, and some temperature-controlled rooms without jeopardizing the environmental integrity.

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  • Monitor Continuously During Shipment

    Zebra's S-400 monitors the exposure of drugs, biologics, vaccines, medical devices and any temperature-sensitive products during shipment. With an internal sensor and memory for 16,000 data points and IP30 protection, S-400 gives you the data you need and the reliability you can depend on to know the continuous temperature status of your products after interrogating the device.

  • Track Temperature Exposures Easily

    S-400 is not only cost-effective but easy-to-use and practical. Its small and portable size means it fits in most shipping containers and coolers, and provides flexibility in its use cases and placement.

  • Easy Access to Temperature Readings

    With the free EDGEVue™ Apps, you can monitor temperature readings and geolocation data as well as share data on-demand to the EDGECloud™ directly from smartphones and tablets. Customize preferences, set alarms, datalogging intervals, startup options and time and temperature units — and with global access, automatically upload temperature data to the cloud with OCEABridge™ Wireless Gateway.

Zebra S-400 electronic temperature sensor in use
Zebra S-400 electronic temperature sensor


Light and Compact Design

For single- or multi-use, S-400 is a small, cost effective sensor with a battery life of up to 12 months and a light, compact design that is easy to use and to fit into packaging. Temperature range: -30 to +70°C (-22 to +158°F) with high accuracy.

  • Sensor Type

    Single- or multi-use

  • Temperature Range

    -30 to +70°C (-22 to 158°F)

  • Accuracy

    +/- 0.3°C

  • Battery Life

    Up to 12 months (dependent on datalogging frequency)

  • Datalogging Intervals

    Programmable: 15 to 59 seconds (1 second intervals) or 1 to 255 minutes (1 minute intervals)

  • Internal Memory

    Up to 16,000 datapoints