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Manufacturing Plant Floor Solutions

Two employees surveying a manufacturing plant floor

Get the Agility You Need to Drive Greater Performance 

Adapt and Thrive

To compete in today’s market, manufacturers need improved quality, faster cycle times, and increased visibility and flexibility, all while meeting regulatory compliance. That’s why Zebra’s manufacturing technology solutions enable manufacturers to see more, know more and do more to become more agile, optimize plant floor performance and embrace market changes.

With Zebra’s more than 50 years of leadership in printing, scanning, RFID reading, locationing and mobile computing technologies, manufacturers can rely with total confidence on the performance of our broad portfolio of manufacturing plant floor technology solutions.

Drive productivity across the plant floor by leveraging track and trace solutions, rich data capture and predictive analytics. Access software platforms that unite processes and coordinate intelligence. Zebra’s manufacturing plant floor technology solutions deliver the agility you need to compete in today’s market now, and in the future. See more. Know more. Do more.

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Plant floor worker scanning stock with Zebra device


Track and Trace Solutions for Unrivaled Visibility

Locate, identify and evaluate every asset in near real-time from anywhere. Optimize asset utilization, maximize efficiency and ensure regulatory compliancy with Zebra’s track and trace solutions.

Worker in hard hat using Zebra mobile device

Asset and Facility Management

Efficient Manufacturing Asset Management

Streamline manufacturing asset management with Zebra’s mobile barcode asset tracking and RFID technology to reduce cycle times, improve device management and increase visibility throughout facilities and across the globe.

Worker in hard hat inspecting screen

Quality Assurance

Improved Work In Progress

Improve quality assurance in manufacturing with sensor tags, readers and machine vision to help identify and isolate issues and inefficiencies, reduce downtime and increase productivity with greater precision.

The Latest in Manufacturing Solutions

Fetch Robotics Blue Flashes in Warehoouse

Minimize Waste, Maximize Productivity

Keep production lines moving and enable lean manufacturing by removing non-value added activities with Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs).

Warehouse worker printing label from Zebra industrial printer

7 Things to Consider When Buying an Industrial Printer

What should you look for when buying an industrial printer? Get all the answers you need by downloading our buyer's guide.

A fixed industrial scanner is used to scan barcoded boxes as they move down a conveyor belt in a warehouse.

Ask the Expert: What is the Difference Between Machine Vision and Computer Vision?

Many supply chain organizations are exploring the potential of more automated and intelligent technologies right now, Zebra included. With ever-changing production goals and tighter order fulfillment timelines, manufacturers need easy-to-use solutions that help elevate quality and drive production performance. That’s why there’s growing buzz around technologies such as machine vision and computer vision.

Let Zebra Help You Design a Manufacturing Technology Solution to Compete at the Edge