Repair Status Information

To check repair status, please use one of the following options:

1. Subscribe To Email Notifications

For many Zebra repair customers, the most convenient option for obtaining repair status is subscribing to automatically receive repair status or reminder email notifications. Users may subscribe to both repair status and reminder notifications or instead may choose to receive only one type of notification.


        Repair Status

  • Device is received 
  • Repair is completed 
  • Repaired device is shipped 
  • Repair is on-hold awaiting parts 


  • Payment not yet received for a per incident repair 
  • Expected faulty device has not been received (Advance Exchange)

If you have multiple repairs in-process, you will receive only one summary email per notification type during any day when that activity (receiving, shipping, etc.) occurred.

Learn More: Overview of Available Repair Status and Reminder Email Notifications

How to Subscribe:

  1. Repair Order Portal users can select subscription
       preferences from the User Preferences tab.
       Learn More

  2. Request subscriptions from Zebra’s Repair Help Desk.
        Additionally, notifications for additional customer
        contacts can also be requested

2. View Status Within the Repair Order Portal

Once a repair order has been submitted, progress can be tracked on the Repair Order Portal. Users can conduct a search to locate a repair order or series of repair orders. Available status information includes:

  • Serial number 
  • Order status: submitted, closed, or cancelled 
  • Line status: open, received, repair started, repair completed, shipping, RMA closed, or
  • Received date 
  • Return date  
  • Fault identified

Tracking numbers are provided for repair shipments and link you directly to the transportation carrier’s web site for specific in-transit status and location information.

Learn More: Searching And Viewing A Repair Order (English)

To view the status of a repair:

1. Log into the Repair Order Portal ( and select the Order Status tab

2. Conduct a search for your repair order(s)

3. Click on the Order Number to view status information

4. Click on the Outbound Tracking Number for in-transit status

3. Request A Zebra OneCare™ SUPPORT Dashboard

Zebra's Visibility IQ OneCare Dashboard is a powerful, configurable, web-based tool that provides partners and customers with a series of dynamic repair, support, contract, and device reports to view repair status.

The Dashboard’s Repair Lifecycle Report displays helpful repair information including:

  • Open orders
  • Devices Zebra is expecting to receive for repair
  • Repair status (including problem details) for in-repair, repaired, and shipped devices

For a complete description of the VisibilityIQ OneCare Dashboard’s features and available reports, please visit the VisibilityIQ OneCare Dashboard page.

Need Assistance? 

Our Zebra Customer Support Representatives are happy to assist you! Visit our Contact Support page and choose the best phone number or email for your region and country from the contact list provided.

The Zebra VisibilityIQ OneCare Dashboard is available to all customers who have a valid Zebra OneCare support agreement (Essential, Select, or SV for TC2X service) for mobile computers or scanners.