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By Laura Kennedy | October 24, 2022

Inclusion and Diversity Action Report: How We’re Enlisting and Empowering Cultural Change Agents Across the Company

Cross-functional collaboration has proven key to developing leaders who can uplift individuals, unite teams, and maximise the diversity of thought that exists within our organization and global ecosystem.

Whenever people ask what it will take to #BreakTheBias, stop social injustices, eradicate hate, and achieve total equality, I think of something Gloria Steinem once said:

“The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn, but to unlearn.”

We must be willing to open our minds to new ideas, accept new practices and see the world differently if we want to change our systemic truths. Grasping too tightly to historical teachings can strangle forward progress, as they allow traditions – good or bad – to hinder personal and collective growth. 

That’s why, here at Zebra, we’ve been making a concerted effort to enlist and empower cultural change agents at all levels of the organisation and across our entire channel, customer and supplier ecosystem. We know that we need to create safe spaces for people to share their stories and feelings, and we know that is only possible if people believe their company’s leaders, their managers, their colleagues and their partners to be trusted allies. So, together with human resources, learning and development and other functions across Zebra, the inclusion and diversity (I&D) team has been working with executives, people managers and inclusion network leads to build a leadership culture of awareness and empathy. 

As I explain to Your Edge Podcast host Therese Van Ryne in our latest I&D Action Report update below, the only way people will bring their full authentic selves to work each day is if they feel psychologically safe. And psychological safety is the byproduct of allyship and inclusive leadership.

Listen to our 20-minute chat now to learn more about:

  • The qualities and behaviors of an “inclusive leader.”

  • Why any organisation striving to create a more inclusive and diverse culture must first “seek to understand” what people really want and what they’re feeling and experiencing. (You can’t make big plans without first getting clarity on the issues and where to focus efforts.)

  • What we must learn – and unlearn – if we want to do and say the right things in situations where biases are apparent.

  • How data can be used to drive progress toward breaking biases and understanding people.

  • Why cross-functional collaboration is critical to driving cultural change in any organization. 

  • The ways in which apparent societal divisiveness has in fact fueled greater unity and advocacy across Zebra Nation.

I also share how different Zebra teams are working together, and with third parties, to support the development of inclusive leaders, have courageous conversations about the hateful rhetoric proliferating around the world, and provide pillars of support for one another. I trust that, no matter who you are or what your role and responsibility is within your organisation or community, you’ll find this conversation valuable. There is always something we can learn from others’ experiences, which is why I want to share our team’s experiences with you.


Want to learn more about Zebra's I&D commitment and actions?

There are several updates and insights from the I&D team and global employees here.

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Laura Kennedy
Laura Kennedy

Incredibly passionate about people, culture and well-being, and a keen advocate for all things related to equality, diversity and inclusion, Laura is a Senior Advisor for Global & Inclusion & Diversity at Zebra, focused on fostering a culture of inclusion and belonging, where all employees can be their authentic selves. She supports Zebra’s Inclusion Networks and culture-shaping efforts, including increasing the focus on expanding allyship across the organization. 

Prior to this, Laura has worked on multiple cross organizational strategic projects related to Sales Enablement, Channel & Distribution Marketing, and Channel Communications, both in region and globally during her five years with Zebra .

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