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Retail Technology Solutions

Let's Do Retail That's Right for Right Now.

Zebra's Retail Management Solutions Accelerate Retail Transformation and Improve Customer Experiences

Retail transformation is nothing new for you. It’s just happening much faster and in more ways. But, one constant remains: the customer is always right. And today’s customer wants to be right, right away. There’s a lot to do, but you’ve got this…it’s all very solvable. You know where you want to go…you just need the right partner. One that leads with decades of experience and a legacy of innovation. That partner is Zebra. So, let’s put our heads together and do retail that’s right for right now. Let’s scale and energize your strategy with a digital backbone that unifies your team, informs priorities and drives results.

Inventory and Fulfillment

Inventory is your largest investment and also a major element of customer satisfaction. It demands optimization. Understanding what best moves inventory to the customer on their terms will enhance the overall experience. The only way to achieve this is through better In-stock and order fulfillment.

Smart Retail Store Operations

Labor is your largest expense and rising wages along with scarcity demands a smarter operation. Aligning with what makes operational execution most efficient will drive profits. Your ideal strategy is empowered staff execution.

Elevate Customer Experience

Customer’s expectations are higher than ever, which results in a demand for more convenience. To get ahead, you’ll need to align with what drives customer satisfaction in every visit. Your best bet? Anywhere checkout.

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Communication and Collaboration

Get the word out fast, certain that your teams will recieve your alerts, notifications and instant messages. Use the conveinient Reflexis mobile platform to simplify communication.

Inventory Management

Get inventory under control, visible and available in real-time with Zebra's Inventory Solutions.

Loss Prevention and Asset Protection

Zebra Prescriptive Analytics™ implements fast, without disruption and enables you to overcome the time, labor and management challenges of stopping profit leaks, optimizing inventories and improving workflows at scale.


Improve allocation efficiency, forecast accuracy, and compliance and boost sales, margins and your customer experience.

Omnichannel Fulfillment

Deliver click and collect profitably from back of the store, on the floor, fulfillment center, delivery to door and more with Zebra solutions.

Point of Sale

Zebra's Point of Sale solutions keep lanes and customers moving smoothly and quickly.

Restock and Replenishment

Cut the costs of out of stocks by transforming your store into a smart store that automatically senses assets with Zebra's restock and replenishment solutions.


Optimize returns and put aways and ensure shelves are always stocked and ready to serve shoppers.

Task Management

Help workers help you achieve more. Let Zebra Reflexis Task Manager ensure the right associate is in the right place, and get real-time visibility into what's happening and being done.

Workforce Management

Cut labor costs and time spent scheduling. Zebra Reflexis Workforce Management Modules accurately forcasts and schedules labor to anticipate demand and factor in workload, budgets, foot traffic and more ensuring workers are compliant and stores properly staffed.

Industry Segments

Grocery Stores
Grocery Stores

Zebra Retail solutions can help you provide an unparalleled in-store experience which enables optimum productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Convenience Stores
Convenience Stores

Zebra Retail solutions can help you provide an unparalleled in-store experience which enables optimum productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Mobile and E-Commerce
Mobile and E-Commerce

Zebra’s e-commerce solutions help you master the high-velocity, each-item fulfillment process and customer delivery as quickly as possible, no matter where they are.

Mass Merchants
Mass Merchants

Zebra has been a proven market leader helping mass merchant retailers increase sales, optimize the customer experience and drive labor productivity.


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