How Many People are Really Seeing (and Tasting) Your Wine?

In the spirit of International Merlot Day on November 7, find out the three things you can do to make your products the center of attention on any shelf.

Wine is no ordinary beverage. It’s a global art of flavor, balance and history. And just like how the journey of the grapes affects the resulting taste of a wine, your wine’s label affects the outcome of consumers’ shopping trips. Will something about it draw them? Will it convince them to add your wine to their carts?

Labels are the first part of any product that grabs a customer’s attention – especially for wines. There can be hundreds to choose from in any one store. Whether the shopper is a non-picky 24-year-old looking for a bottle that is affordable but charming, or a wine connoisseur who is searching for a “vessel” that truly speaks to them, you want a label that captures who your business is authentically and demands the attention of all wandering eyes.

Here are three simple ways to get what you want:

1. Tell Your Story Through Your Labels

Wine always has a story – no matter what region of the world its grapes were grown, there’s a tale to tell. Your labels should represent that. Whether your story is a poem or a satire, tell it through visuals. A wine’s brand should make customers feel like they are bringing an extra family member to the party…if that’s the spirit of life behind the label. Dig deep into who you are – who your brand is and (literally) paint that picture. Help shoppers gain a confident sense of who you are just by taking one look at your bottle, even if there are 100 more surrounding them. But if your story is meant to be mysterious, well then that’s pretty darn slick, too.

2. A Wine (Label) That Sings to Your Target Audience

Who do you envision picking up your wine? What are they like? What do they like? Would they like contemporary graphics or classical-style designs? Do some research on what is considered trendy or favorable to who you want to sell to and take it all the way home. Whether it’s edgy or more “cutesy,” you should create a label for your wine that makes their personality feel seen. And since you are still staying true to who you are within your labels, everyone will be happy, and you’ll be winning over some really loyal customers. If you are looking for a more mature audience, you’ll want to make sure the font you are using is clean and classy – not the time for Comic Sans. Actually, never use Comic Sans period unless you run a day care. If you take anything from this blog, please at least just remember that. Oh, and always use a font that speaks well to the voice of your brand/business. (As long as it’s not Comic Sans.) If you do that, you’ll be singing to the right target audience for you while your pride and customers’ love for your bottles soar.

3. Wow the Crowd with Labels That Are Unique and Stand Out

This is your chance to pour all your creative energy into your life’s work or passion projects. Do you have a symbol that’s particularly meaningful to you? Or a color? There’s always a big market for quirky things, so if that is the vibe you want, we say go for it. Are you a die-hard cat person? Then consider slapping a multi-color rainbow fusion cartoon-like sketch of a big cat face on your bottle and call it a day. You’ll stand out for sure. Or are you a classical fan? Put a rendition of Michelangelo’s iconic work as a watermark design as a backdrop to your label. See what I mean? Go big or go home. (Or go small if you want to be mysterious, your call.) Just let your imagination run wild. This is your chance to steal the spotlight whether your bottles are sold online, in brick-and-mortar stores, at a booth at a Farmer’s Market or all of the above. The sky is the limit. And if you love your masterpiece, odds are others will love to try it too.

Ah, the art of label making is just as beautiful as a fine wine. Maybe you disagree, but if you start thinking about your labels with this attitude, you’re going to get what you want: more customers wanting to try your wine because there was “just something” about the label that spoke to them. Your brand will be heard from the hills of Napa Valley all the way to the slopes of the Lombardy region in Italy. Ambitious? Certainly. But if anyone can do it, it’s you.

Have a happy Merlot Day! May your small business thrive and your wine labels shine!


Editor's Note:

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