Ring in the New Year with Your Business Resolutions

As you raise your glass of champagne for a toast to the new year, take a moment to reflect on your business achievements and aspirations.



It's that time once again to close out one year and cheer to the next.

We get out the champagne, the confetti and the kazoos and reflect on the trials and triumphs we faced over the last 365 days in one special countdown celebration. While we encourage you to form personal goals as you enter the new era, we think doing the same for your business is just as meaningful and important.

Not sure where exactly to start? We’ll show you what kind of business resolutions and objectives you can consider in three… two… one… happy reading!

  • What is one thing you want to try that you haven’t before?

    Whether it’s a social media tactic, a new digital tool, engaging with a slightly new audience, doing something extra special for your customers, or launching a new product line, you can commit to trying something new – or resolve not to be so afraid of “risk.” Life is too short to not burst out of your bubble and shake things up. New is fun, and it can be very rewarding! So, walk into this next chapter with a “new year, new me” attitude when it comes to your business.


  • What are two things you want to improve upon? Or two mistakes you want to avoid repeating?

    Do you want to sell more inventory? Connect with customers on a more personal level? Amplify your story? Improve your shipping logistics? No matter your goals – or your past errors – there’s always room for greater growth and development. Write down a list of what you want to do better and a list of things you think you need to change or integrate in order to make it happen. Maybe you can reach out to a business mentor who can show you new methods or just lend a helping hand along the way. Never underestimate the power of connections and do resolve to put them to good use next year.


  • What are three characteristics of a business owner you want to gain as you embark on the new year?

    Who do you want to be? Who do you want to be remembered as –a leader, self-starter or inspirer? Your actions leave lasting impacts, no matter how small. Your online networks, community and customers all experience your store the way you set out to design it. If you want to be the business owner who is known to be diligent, punctual, caring, compassionate, or personal, then always act with these characteristics in your heart and mind. They will be reflected and noticed.


You empower others just by doing what you’ve already been doing – pursuing your dreams and considering how to grow. All achieved goals started with a thought and were seen through with persistence. You truly can do anything you set your mind or your heart to. When you finally accomplish your aspirations, no matter how big or small, you get to discover new ones. And once the streamers and champagne come back out next year, you can look back and remember everything you’ve done that’s worth being proud of – even if some of your accomplishments were unexpected. So, with that, Happy New Year and best of wishes for the next 365 days of your business adventure.


Editor's Note:

Once you’re done cleaning up all the glitter on the floor, let’s start taking action to make your business goals happen! Here’s to a great year ahead. Happy New Year from the ZSB Blog team!