You Can Write Hand-Written Notes (or Poems), But Never Hand Write a Label Again

Do yourself and your customers a favor and just put down the pen. This is how printed labels can change your business life for good – in National Poetry Day style.

Your hand is aching.
You’re taking up time.
Your business is growing, you’re on overdrive.

Sure, handwriting is cute.
It adds some flare
But there’s so much more you could do right there.

Labels look clean.
Labels look slick.
Labels help drivers know which one to pick.

No more misspellings.
No rewriting needs.
No getting your pen ink all over your jeans.

Holidays are coming.
They’re practically here.
If you print labels, you’ll have nothing to fear!

Orders are surging!
Shopping is hot!
You’ll need to be ready, like it or not.

Yes, it’s exciting!
It’s thrilling!
It’s pure!
But your hand can’t keep up – and of that, we’re sure.

It will save you money.
It will save you time.
It will earn you customers spending their dimes.

This world is fast.
Efficiency is key.
Just think how happy your customers will be!

To get the right package.
Received just in time.
All because you printed after reading this rhyme.

We know what you’re thinking.
“But labels aren’t fun!”
Not if you design every single one!

And let us be honest.
What’s truly not fun,
Is running behind on order 151.

Yes, labels are for shipping,
But for merchandise too.
Give every product a sprinkle of “you.”

Borders, shapes, and fonts galore!
You’ll no longer see business as being a chore.

Make labels your own.
And soon you will see.
Your business will thrive, it’s all meant to be.

You’ll be remembered.
Your service – a prime.
Loyalty will be earned, no doubt in our mind.

And, sure, write a “thank you.”
Add a sweet touch.
But when it comes to your labels, that’s simply too much.

So, from now on,
Until the end,
Never handwrite your labels.
You’re welcome, our friend.


Editor's Note:

Although National Poetry Day is behind us, there’s always a reason to drop bars in the name of printing. For more insight on how labels can make a positive difference in your business operations, stay tuned to the Zebra ZSB Blog.