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Get to the Field, (with Our Furry) Friends! The Outdoors Can Be a Real Treat for Your Pet-Related Business.

As our loving companions will confirm this National Mutt Day, a little bit of fresh air and friendly barking (err...banter) will help you find some new doggie parent friends (and loyal customers).


You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog if you’re stuck inside all day, especially if you’re trying to reach dog moms and dads. They’re out socializing at parks, farmer’s market, pet-friendly festivals – and you should be too! Outdoor venues are perfect for pet-related businesses looking to attract sweet new furry friends and family to their toys, treats and trick-teaching services. Whether you’re just sniffing out demand for new products or sure you’ve got exactly what dogs (and maybe cats) want, here are a few ways to make sure they track in your direction:

  • Get tails wagging with your homemade treats

    Who doesn’t love a little mid-day munch? Our furry best friends seem to never want to stop eating – and who can blame them? When you’re outside, dog-walkers are on the go. Kids are playing frisbee with Patches and Spot, and the puppy whip on top of an already great day is a special treat courtesy of you! Do you happen to have some tricks up your sleeve and sell homemade treats through your business? Well, howl it at the moon. Just be sure you have your treats packed by the jar and plenty of free samples ready to go for those enthusiastic mutts. Just be sure you label everything! Dogs have special dietary needs – and allergies – too! Make it easy for those who wander by to see you have options that are grain-free, digestion-friendly, breath-freshening/support oral health, chicken, beef or fish-based, and without a doubt deeelicious. In this case, we are looking for more bite, less bark.

    Once in a while, we do spot a cat in a harness and leash out on the town, turning heads. Good for them. They deserve a special treat, too, for all that confidence among the big dogs. Cats could benefit from hairball-treatment snacks or age-appropriate munchies. (Like puppies and dogs, kittens and adult cats have different digestion needs). Having an assortment of options that allows as many pets as possible to be included will make for one awesome (and memorable) business review.

  • Customize pet gifts for every woofer

    Collars, pet toys, bowls, mats, beds, blankets – you name it! People love making their beloved pets feel like a true member of the family. And that means customization and coziness to the max! Do you have a hand at embroidering or painting, or know of a business helper that does? This is your time to leverage those skills and stand out from the other pet shops. Even cool printed labels can turn a dog treat tin from a 3-paw rating to a 10-paw rating in just a couple minutes. Putting your business’ own unique style on these customizable offerings gives pet lovers the gifts they always wanted and your business some neat brand recognition it deserves.

    If these customizations are projects you can’t finish on the spot, collect customer addresses and contact information so you can ship it to them when ready. Otherwise, how cool would it be for them to watch you customize their pet gift right before their eyes! Just an idea! And, of course, have some customized demos featuring different pet personalities and styles so customers can feel even more drawn to your outdoor booth.

  • Pamper the pets with grooming services

    These dogs are running around the dog park of life (or an actual dog park), getting muddy, having fun – not a care in the world. But woof all you want – having a fresh coat looks great and probably feels even better. (At least until they discover a yummy new perfume in the grass they just have to sample. Thanks, cats!)

    Grooming trucks or booths are perfect for outdoor venues. Pet owners enjoy doing something spontaneous and fun for their fur babies. Offer discounted rates on future grooming sessions with you, and throw in a branded squeaky toy, bandana or other freebie so you can be remembered after the human-animal duos return home for the day. Just be sure to always ask pet owners if there’s anything their fluffy friend doesn’t enjoy so you can ensure the pet is having the spa treatment of their cat-chasing dreams.

If you run a veterinary practice, as people come up to your table with their pets, you can have them register for a wellness check up at a discounted rate and throw in a bunch of freebies – like a starter kit for your vet practice or pet-related business. Remember to bring any eye-catching flyers you might have and business cards with your contact information and website or social handles so that interested pet owners can reach you any time.

As a pet lover, we know you care about making every pet feel fancy, fresh, and loved, so don’t hold back! Get outside, rain or shine, because your (future) customers will. (And maybe add raincoats or towels to your product lineup if you want to score some impulse – or impromptu – purchases and bring the doghouse down.)


Editor's Note:

Bow wow! If you want to steal the dog show, treat every day like Mutt Day! Check out our other business tips on how to capture your audience’s attention (indoors or outdoors) on the Zebra ZSB Blog.