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Three Things to Remember When Launching the Business of Your Dreams

Now that World Dream Day has come and gone, let’s talk about how to make your dreams come true.

Once upon a time, there was you. And you had an idea, talent or skill you wanted to share with all the land! You started dreaming of what it could be like to bring joy to the world – and yourself – if you were to become your own boss. You smiled when you thought of all the bright, happy faces cherishing the efforts you put forth, including your own. Thus, you decided to see if such triumph could really be yours.

But then… you realized you didn’t have the slightest idea on how to make this dream of yours come true, for you were just one person. Where do you even start? Where do you go? The questions of the unknown were endless…

Until you traveled upon the Zebra ZSB blog (us) and discovered some of the answers you had been seeking (We’re pretty smart, but we don’t claim to know it all.) So, without further ado, here are three things you can do to help turn this fantasy into a reality:

1. Assemble your team.

Will you be starting your business on a solo adventure? Or will you have a partner or team to help you along the way? Whether you are planning on running a one-person show or eventually running a global operation, there are people you should have in your corner. Reach out to business consultants. Ask family or friends if they know anyone who can serve as a mentor to help answer questions or give a second opinion along your noble quest. Think about who you might want to forge partnerships with in the short or long term and begin to foster those relationships. These connections can help you navigate the rickety trails of managing your wares and the foggy marshes of unpredictable order surges at your shop. Whether your fellow business helpers are there to keep your home office space organized, assist in creating more products or act as third eyes of knowledge, you are taking a great first step toward achieving your dream by seeking out your clan.

2. Hear ye! Hear ye! Communicate your tale to all the land.

No customer can be amazed by what you offer if they have never heard of you. But before you send the messengers out to spread the word, make sure you have a story to tell. Why is your mission meaningful? Why should they trust you and what you’re selling? You are a passionate warrior, believer and dreamer whose story can be very powerful. So, intertwine these core messages into all your future business endeavors.

Once you’re ready to make your presence known, download social media apps and create business accounts. They may not be as classical as papyrus, but they can cry out your brand and story far and wide. Now, it’s important to remember different social media heralds – sorry, we mean “platforms” – are better suited for different types of content. Some are image-driven, and others are fueled by clever banter alone. But no matter which channel you find to be best for you, your products, and the audience you are trying to capture, there’s a great deal of opportunity to show off your brand identity in the pre-launch stage. Exhibit your wares, whether you made them yourself or have just chosen to resell someone else’s impressive goods. And host open forums with your followers. Experiment with all the neat social media engagement tools at your disposal to create a space worth sharing, including videos, carousel pictures, live streams, event announcements, polls, story features, and more. Ask your followers what they want to see more of, send them discounts, or throw in an extra product for free when they order from you.

Once you’re ready to open the gates and officially welcome people into your (physical or online) shop, you may have people lining up to visit! Just be sure you stop to listen and learn. Watch how other people showcase their businesses on social and make note of what’s creating noise.

3. Be a mighty, fierce dragon in the face of each challenge.

To start a business you’ve always dreamed about, you must believe in yourself. There will be non-believers, competition, and let downs once in a while. However, they will be no match for your brave and ferocious dream. As a wise fellow once spoke: “Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” If you care about what you do and have a strong work ethic, your dreams can come true. Yes, indubitably. So, get ready, get organized, and get going. Because you have some pretty incredible chapters in your storybook ahead of you.


Editor's Note:

Though World Dream Day is technically on September 25, we want you to dream big – and take big steps to make your dreams come true – every day! For more epic tales for aspiring self-starters like yourself be sure to return to the Zebra ZSB blog. See you real soon!